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With car hire in Menorca Mahon

We’re going to Menorca to enjoy one of the cities most enchanting Menorcan geography: Mahon. We are talking about an island is not particularly large in extent but which has a unique and very prolific coastline in coves and charming places. Unfortunately public transport won’t us let enjoy places that we will only gain access in our own vehicle. So you will not have problems we bring you a page with the best car hire in Menorca.

Car hire in Menorca Mahon video

We bring you one of the official videos circulating on the city of Mahon in Minorca. It is a perfect opportunity for prime locations in Menorca geography as the Fortress of Isabel II , or many of the creeks on the East side of the island.

To find more great attractions in Menorca we recommend you to visit our section where your rental car you can explore: in rental car Menorca.

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