White Water beach. The mud Beach

White Water beach o Aigües Blanches is famous for its mud baths although it is also an incredible place of thick sands Protected by a cliff

Aguas Blancas

belonging to the municipality of Santa Eulalia We can find the Playa de Aguas Blancas (is Paller des Camp) about thirty kilometers from Ibiza and about fifteen kilometers from the parish of Santa Eularia. Access is by road, either by car or by bike. We leave from San Carlos and follow the signs marked in direction to the Beach or from the San Vicente Creek through a road with beautiful views of the coast. The final stretch of sand access is pretty steep, so it is not recommended to the access of disabled or elderly people.

That we will find in Aguas Blancas

In fact they are small connected beaches that border the coast, protected by small cliffs of about three hundred meters of length with a width that varies of some zone to others, although usually not less than five meters. The sand is thick and we will find support in countless rocks that huddle between a stretch and another.

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Enjoying white Aiguas

The seabed has the same appearance with a great presence of sand and rocks, and with a very smooth slope, finding foot 30 meters from the shore. The winds usually blow strong, from sea to ground, taking relevance the protection of the skin to avoid burns. The scenic charm of the area due to erosion make this beach stand out, especially for lovers of nudism, very practiced in this area. And so far the official data. Now we are going to tell you that it is actually this beach. Three accesses will allow us to reach the shore, although two are complicated to find. The most common, marked on the road, will take you to a slope of unpronounceable descent. Beware of the ascent as it becomes very heavy. Just down the last stretch of steps, we found a service of hammocks and parasols. We also find ourselves in a quite wide stretch. This is where the crowd crowded. We can stay next to the bar or explore a little more, which we recommend. To the left are the famous mud baths. It is important to wear shoes that can be unbuttoned or wet because if the tide rises, you’ll get wet to the shin. A few meters we began to see people smeared to the eyebrows. We know the properties of the mud but if you can count to collecting it from a hole in the rock. A little beyond the beach goes away stones product of the detachment. Perhaps this is the reason for the curious sand from the beach, which is much thicker than the rest of the island. If we opt for the right side, you will have to cross a narrow Sandy stretch behind a very high wall and giving some grima. It will be a few meters. Behind them, a new width of arenal takes us to another bar of much less tourism and more familiar atmosphere. Some islets emerge from the water. They are large detached boulders. Not recommend to swim to them by the strong current that occasionally brings the sea. The beach ends up facing a rock which seems about to discard. It is the physical separation between this beach and Es Figueral. If you prefer the calmer environment, this second beach is more advisable and more easy to access, with the same properties (less mud) and more services. It should be note that the orientation of this beach Sun and the height of the rock walls that preceding it, the daylight hours are pretty slim. Or that tell you that you will not see a sunset from here. There is a website that gives us the forecast of the waves on the beach but can guide us well by the prediction of the beach of Cala San Vicente

Bus lines to Aguas Blancas beach

There are no buses arriving to Aguas Blancas so we recommend driving to this beach. You can find offers in our car rental search engine at Ibiza airport or in the port of Ibiza

Other beaches near Playa de Aguas Blancas

Es Figueral

Es figueral at 763 meters approx.

Belonging to the municipality of Santa Eularia we can find the beach of Es Figueral, about twenty nine kilometers from Ibiza and about fourteen of Santa Eularia.

Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente at 1996 meters

In the municipality of Sant Joan we can find the beach of Cala San Vicente, more than 30 kilometers from Ibiza and about nine from Sant Joan.

Pou des lleo

Pou des Lleó at 3km

Belonging to the municipality of Santa Eularia we can find the beach of Canal d’en Martí (Pou des Lleó) about twenty nine kilometers from Ibiza and about fourteen kilometers from the parish of Santa Eularia.

Santuario punico Es Cuieram

Santuario Punic de Es Cuieram 3 Km

The Punic Sanctuary of Es Cuieram, for some is Culleram, is located a short distance from Sant Vicent.

Iglesia de San Carlos

Sant Carles Church 4 Km away

Located in the urban center of the town of Sant Carles de Peralta, we find the church of Sant Carles.

Font de Morna

Font de Morna 4 Km

We can find the Font of Morna in the band of the same name.

Localities in the vicinity of Playa de Aguas Blancas

Iglesia de San Juan

Sant Joan 9 Km

Sant Jordi de Ses Salines is one of the most industrialized parishes on the island.

San Carlos

Sant Carles 4 Km

Sant Francesc de S’Estany is a small town at the exit of Sant Jordi de ses salines and obligatory place to pass for the beach of SES salines and es cavalleria.

San Vicente

Sant Vicent at 1324 meters

Tourism in Ibiza came from the hand of the Sun, the party and the beach.

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