recorriendo formentera con tu co

Visiting Formentera with your rental car

Formentera is a small island, is nothing new. But you can not fall into the error that you will know it by taking a couple of buses. For when you discover it for yourself, it is too late. Are many reasons to enjoy with your rental car Formentera.

Rent a car in Formentera

The first thing you need to know is that you are arriving through the port to this fantastic island. From here, or you have your own means of transportation or you will have to rely on public transport and we already say that it is not a good option.

If you go by the bus line, these only become the most popular tourist spots on the island. But, they also have very limited hours. It is unlikely that you can see, for example, a sunset on the island without having to hitchhike around the corner.

But it is also, if you want to stop and enjoy each new corner that you discover, nor you’ll earn money. Going to hypnotize, small coves or the long sandy beaches of the island are each walking distance.

Remember that you have more videos with information about the island in our section of Formentera.

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