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Torre de Comte Ibiza

Torre de Comte

One of the places that has more cost us locate is the Torre de Comte, and not because it is not visible. From the beaches of Comte, for example, the sharpness with which we can observe it is absolute. But it is not recommended to go to walk to reach it. Also it is a good idea to try to access from Cala Tarida. Despite the proximity map, a good stretch consisting of roads and vegetation make the passage thick, not counting the area tends to be used as cross circuit. The third option, the most recommended, is to make a quiet access from the deviation in direction of the Sea you will find the beaches of Comte, known as Cala Conta, and the town of Sant Antoni.

How to get to the Tower

We find deviation shortly before arriving at Cala Conta, on the right side as we arrived. Name that appears to us, Torre d’ in Rovira, is the second name that referred to this tower of Comte. After a couple of forks where we find signs, we lose sight of the asphalt and continue along a road of dirt and dust. It is not in very good condition due to rainwater and above all, the passage of vehicles. We find people on one side and across the road, with pines and fields planted in one of the largest green spaces that can be found at foot of costa. A perfect place to spend the day.

While closer to the Tower, more stones will find down the road, and of course, more potholes. It can be continued almost to the foot of the tower with the car, but we prefer to follow the March on foot, and incidentally, contemplate the landscape. Within walking distance, the road turns to the left, due to the presence of the coast. From this point, a large cave facing the Bay of Sant Antoni, and beautiful views of the village.

There is little left to reach the Tower of Comte, which appears after a sharp bend to the left. Two booths make company building, dating from 1763. It is the first tower in which we don’t appreciate the typical pink sign that indicates a cultural good. Perhaps because Tower spent time privately becoming housing, and the changes in its structure are more than evident. A lower door, windows, and the absence of matacan give a look other than this tower.

I find the Torre de Comte

The surroundings, impressive. The islets which millions of tourists have seen sunset from Café del Mar are now within reach of the hand. Sailing in and out of the Marina and the sense of calm (at least today) is absolute. To the left, with sunset coming, we see part of the East coast of Sant Josep. Es Vedrá we find along the way. Semi hidden by the small elevation of the ground is now. Sure that from the top of the torre de Comte views are most impressive, but is closed. At least we’ll stay to see the sunset.

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