S'Estanyol beach. A corner to enjoy

La Playa S'Estanyol is located to the East of the island. From the entrance to the path that leads to it can feel that you it's a special place.


belonging to the municipality of Santa Eulalia we can find the beach of S’Estanyol eight kilometres from Ibiza and fourteen kilometers from the parish of Santa Eulària. Access by road, either by car or bicycle, although the final stretch of road is of Earth and quite irregular. To take the road of Jesus to Roca LLisa and within walking distance observe a detour by hand right with a signpost. Then we will take the above dirt road. Take special care to reach the Beach with the descent which, especially in winter, is often found in quite poor condition. This summer fixed it enough, but just arriving early storms in August, so the terrain becomes impassable. Be especially careful with cyclists that cross the road, as a route crosses the cyclist.

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Bath Area


We will find in S’Estanyol

The Beach stretches about seventy meters long by about twenty five meters wide, surrounded by two jetties that rise about four meters above the sea ending in rocks that go into the water. Be careful if you explore the surrounding area because there are important cliffs above all in the left side of the coast.

The sand of S’Estanyol

The sand is quite fine, and once in the water, we can find it giving shelter to innumerable rocks and vegetation. The Beach has a little marked slope, being able to enjoy an area for the bath of about twenty meters. If we practise the diving we will be able to find an impressive fauna, with groupers and moray Eels starting from the three meters of depth, and a beautiful marine slope at the exit of the cove. Be careful of the depth if you’re going to lunge. The slope area is particularly misleading. The wind usually blows loose and always from sea to ground thanks to the mountain protection. The surroundings are crossed by trails where nudism is usually practiced.

There is no bus line to reach the beach of S’estanyol so we recommend the rental car.

other beaches close to Playa de S'estanyol


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locations in and around Playa de S'estanyol


Jesus at 4 Km

Jesus is one of the parishes of the municipality of Santa Eulária, bordering the city of Ibiza.

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Tourism in Ibiza came from the hand of the Sun, the party and the beach.


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