Santa Eulalia or Santa Eularia Ibiza beaches

Beaches and coves of Santa Eulalia

The beaches of Santa Eularia, or Santa Eulalia, extend in the northwest area of the island. It is one of the most important municipalities of the island, with an extension of one hundred and fifty and nine kilometers, and a coastline that extends from Ibiza to Sant Joan. Like the rest of the island’s municipalities, the term is divided into parishes, finding its neuralgic center in the parish that gives its name to the municipality, Santa Eularia des Riu. We can also find other parishes such as San Carles de Peralta, or San Carlos, Santa Gertrudis de fruité, Puig d’en Valls and part of the parish of Our Lady of Jesus.

A wide variety of beaches

With the development of tourism, this area was occupied by German tourists looking for a place to enjoy their retirement, giving the municipality a high purchasing power and at the same time creating a space of tranquility and recreation that can Enjoy yourself in any corner. The physiognomy of the coast of Santa Eulalia, to the north, is very similar to that of the beaches of San Juan. To the south, the appearance is more like the beaches of the city of Ibiza.
playas de santa eulalia
calas de santa eulalia

The coast is quite steep, but due to its extension and the scourge of the Mediterranean, have formed inbounds of great beauty, with huge cliffs that lead to natural beaches , access by roads and paths, some in state practically wild. Beaches with more comfortable access have become part of the most prestigious tourist guides, adapting their facilities to a tourism active and modern, while always respecting the tranquility of its people. Within the wide range of beaches you can find the beach of Cala Boix, the beach of Cala Mastella Beach Canal D ‘Marti also known as Pou des Lleo, the beach at S’aigua Blanca or is Paller des Camp, beach’ Estanyol, Santa Eularia Beach , the Cala Llonga Beach, the beach of d’es Canar, the beach of Cala Llenya. the Playa des Figueral, la Playa de Can Martina, the beach of Cala Pada, the beach of the Santa Eulària River with a spectacular river mouth full of fauna and the Caló de S ‘Alga, the Cala Nova Beach, the beach of S’ Argamassa and the Playa des Niu Blau a place very hot or occupies it the port belonging to the national network of water sports centres and sports facilities, consistent with the area. Remember that you can make a car rental in Santa Eulalia to visit all their costs. If you have a vehicle we recommend you pass by our sections of beaches in San Jose and San Antonio beaches to enjoy the island in full.

Beaches of Santa Eulalia

The Santa Eulalia Coast offers a wide variety of beaches and coves to enjoy

Cala Boix

Cala Boix is a spectacular cove in Santa Eulalia, not well known, but of great scenic beauty. A little treasure for the view though inaccessible.

Cala Mastella

Cala Mastella perfectly enters the definition of Cala Con Encanto. Small, cozy and very warm. In calm sea days you will appear to be in front of a mirror. Outstanding in the best places to visit Ibiza.

Pou des lleo

Pou Des Lleó is an atypical place within the physiognomy of the island. A large cove with small discontinuous coves in a natural spot of great beauty and tranquility.

Aguas Blancas

Within the famous beaches of Ibiza, Aguas Blancas occupies a very prominent place. The funny thing is that it is not known for its thick sand, its rugged walls that serve as a shelter or the spectacular scenery that surrounds it, but for the mud baths that have become fashionable.


S’Estanyol is a little known Cove, but quite beautiful. It is not easy to get to it, and without a rental car you will be complicated, but the atmosphere and surroundings are well worth it.

Playa de Santa Eulalia

The beach of Santa Eulalia is probably the most urban of all the beaches of the municipality. The city is located on it and is very frequented by the residents. Perfect if you stay in the locality.

cala llonga

Cala Llonga in a place as touristy as beautiful. A great arenal precedes one of the deepest coves on the island, ensuring a quiet bath even on the most unpleasant days.

Es Canar

Es Canar Beach is a quiet, family-friendly beach. Its tourist nucleus is shaken by the presence of the famous market of Es Canar.

Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya has a pretty wide sandy beach , located in a very open cove. This geographical accident allows the entrance of the sea in a clean way in the days of swell, perfect to enjoy certain water sports.

Es Figueral

Es Figueral is the beach before Aguas Blancas. It is not so famous but it shares views, thick sand and much more comfortable accesses. A beach to enjoy both in the summer and in the winter.

cana martina

Cana Martina is a somewhat particular beach, because in summer it probably offers the largest range of aquatic activities on the island. If you don’t like the hustle, don’t worry, the configuration of this coastal stretch offers lonely little coves.

Cala Pada

The configuration of Cala Pada is very similar to Cana Martina, due to its proximity. The atmosphere on the other hand is calmer, altered at times by the boats coming from Santa Eulalia and that allow a different access to the area.

Playa del rio de santa eulalia

The beach of the river of Santa Eulalia, also known as Riumar, is the confluence of the mouth of the only river of Baleares with the sea. Its appearance is somewhat different from that of a traditional beach, but it is a very quiet and cosy place.

Calo de s'alga

Caló de S’alga is a small and flirtatious beach, which during the winter accumulates a large amount of algae, but once clean, becomes a lookout on the beach.

Cala nova

Cala Nova is a large beach located in a natural spot of pines. The presence of a camping site in the surroundings makes it a cheerful beach of summer atmosphere.

Niu Blau

Niu Blau is a beach flanked by pine trees, with a small torrent that gives a special, lake-like configuration. A beach appreciated among the residents.

Playa de S'argamassa

S’Argamassa Beach has been remodeled becoming an attractive beach for visitors, which are not often many.

cultural tourism in Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia is a prominent place in the cultural tourism of Ibiza. Here are some places you can visit.

Iglesia de Puig de Missa

Puig de Missa Church

The architectural ensemble of Puig de Missa dominates the location of Santa Eulalia and offers a wide cultural range. You can find out more in our Santa Eulalia tour guide

Pont Vell

Pont Vell

The old bridge of the town has been used for centuries to cross the river. Today it still offers beautiful views.

Sa creu den Ribes

Sa Creu d’en Ribes

This chapel located on a hill close to the city is the protagonist during the fiestas of Santa Eulalia. It is worth visiting it for its panoramic views.

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