Playa de Santa Eulalia. The most urban beach of the municipality

The beach of Santa Eulalia crosses the promenade of the locality

One of the major attractions offered by Santa Eulaliais, without a doubt, the urban beach that runs parallel to the coast, between the Santa Eularia River and the marina. The access does not have complications, because taking any road that takes us to the center of the municipality we will be able to accede. Arriving at the village, which is located about seventeen kilometers from Ibiza, we will have to find parking toward the area of descent to the sea. Please note that these lots are blue area, so you must watch the time that will remain on the beach and take the appropriate change. Once we lower the vehicle, also if we got off the bus, they will only have to go down to the beach. We recommend you to carry out this journey along the promenade, opposite the Town Hall, where you can visit the stalls of artisans to take some souvenir and photographed next to the is Pou de Baix, an ancient well of 1543.

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We will find in the beach of Santa Eulalia

The beach is in a large bay, with about two hundred and fifty meters wide by about forty wide. It has a fine sand that comes mostly from the seabed. The beach is marked and in the first meters the slope of the bottom is very soft. From the fifteen meters the depth increases until you get to cover within walking distance. Winds usually blow loose and almost always inland. The recreational offer that presents the beach is very complete, highlighting the water sports that, thanks to the proximity of the marina, is one of the most complete that we can find on the island. The landscape is not only urban, we can also find the mouth of the river Santa Eularia, with a nice walk through which we can walk the shore and contemplate both the fauna and the flora of the region. In the promenade we can find souvenirs and gastronomic services varied, being able to enjoy a copious meal on the shores of the sea, seasoned with a good ice cream in the ice cream parlors on the beach. Very close We will also find a car rental company in Santa Eulalia to be able to contemplate the whole coast of this beautiful locality.

There are no buses arriving to Playa de Santa Eularia so we recommend you drive to this beach. You can find bargains in our search engine of car rental in Ibiza

Other beaches close to Santa Eulalia Beach

Playa del rio de santa eulalia

Santa Eularia or Riomar River Beach at 665 meters

There are places on this island that go unnoticed by the mere fact of being a source beyond.

Calo de s'alga

Caló de S´Alga at 1055 meters

A curious beach that can be found in the urbanization of Siesta, Santa Eulalia del Río.

Niu Blau

Niu Blau 2 Km

The Playa des Niu Blau belongs to the municipality of Santa Eularia and can be found about seventeen kilometers from Ibiza and about two kilometres from the Neuralgic center of the parish of Santa Eularia.

Torre des Carregador

Barrau Museum at 571 meters

In the heart of Puig de Missa, in a privileged place, in front of the church door, you will find the House-museum dedicated to Barcelona’s Laureà Barrau i Buñol.

Museo Etnologico

Ethnological Museum at 631 meters

Within the nucleus of Puig de Missa we can visit the Ethnological Museum of Can Ros.

Iglesia de Puig de Missa

Puig de Missa church at 634 meters

Puig de Missa is the name that receives the elevated zone of the church-castle that presides Santa Eularia

locations in and around Playa de Santa Eulalia

Sa creu den Ribes

Santa Eularia at 605 meters

The human presence in this municipality has been established in the prehistoric era.

San Carlos

Sant Carles 7 Km

Located about six kilometers from the nucleus of Santa Eularia is the parish of Sant Carles de Peralta, or San Carlos.

San Lorenzo

Sant LLorenç 8 Km

Sant Llorenç de Balàfia, or San Lorenzo, is a rural town, with practically no urban nucleus, located in the municipality of Sant Joan.


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