sabadell en barcelona en coche d

Sabadell in Barcelona in a rental car

Today we have decided to leave a little of the big city and enjoy nature. Our destination is located in Sabadell, in the province of Barcelona. If you have rental car the way we do it in little more than half an hour. Just there is thirty kilometers between both locations so it might be a good time for an outing to the mountain. If you do not have rental car will be difficult to reach our destination so book your cheap car rental in Barcelona.

Video of Sabadell in Barcelona car rental

On this break in video are going to enjoy the Torrent of Colobrers in Sabadell. It is a natural area of great beauty and tranquility. If you want to get out of Barcelona and find an ideal place to enjoy the passing water and even a small waterfall, with your rental car you can enjoy this unique space.

To find more places within the geography of Barcelona you can check out our section of Barcelona by car to rent where you can enjoy more places.


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