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Reviews on Fuerteventura car rental

Very important before making your reservation with any car rental company in Fuerteventura is to know the opinions of other users. It must be borne in mind that many car rental companies operate under a franchise system. This means that the quality that can be found in some offices does not have to coincide with the service we receive on another.

The data here are collected from companies which are located in the airport of Fuerteventura.

Companies with opinions in Fuerteventura car rental

When assessing the Fuerteventura car hire services have been requested opinions on five values: quality/price ratio, the clean vehicle delivery, the service offered by the rental office, ease in the process of collection of the vehicle and also on the return.

In addition, as a factor in deciding us by our supplier, we have added the average customer waiting time. The opinions are valued from 0 to 10.

TopCar It receives a score of 7.1. Stresses in the facility for the return of the vehicle being the time average of 27 minutes.

Goldcar Gets a score of 5.1 generla presenting deficiencies in the process of collection of the car. The waiting time is about 25 minutes.

Budget He has received a high score reaching 8.1 in its services with a general note. 19 minutes is average waiting time to remove the vehicle.

Avis Gets the highest score with a 8.2 and an average of 21 minutes waiting.

Thirfty With a global note 7.2 we can highlight the ease of return of the vehicle. The average wait is 17 minutes.

Hertz The average opinion is a 7.7 scoring high in return both the cleaning of the vehicle. One of the advantages is the average time of 15 minutes.

Europcar Fuerteventura this company receives a 7.5 as average rating. The waiting time average is 20 minutes.

Interrent It is the brand low cost of Europcar and tends to distribute vehicles at the same counter. Perhaps this is the reason for her score of 5.6 with a wait of 21 minutes.

Keddy Provides a collection of 16 minutes time as average and a score of 7.8, highlighting the clean the vehicle.

Orlando The return of the vehicle appears to be the most positive aspect of this company, appearing cleaning as worst opinion until a 6.6 with 19 minutes of waiting.

Enterprise For the final have left the company with best views in the car hire in Fuerteventura, with a 8.3 and a good overall score. The waiting time is 17 minutes.

Now that you know more the market, you can check the prices of the various companies on our website of car rental in Fuerteventura.

A further advice before making your rental:


Some companies, especially the worst ratings, often use the fuel purchase advance refund policy. This means an additional expenditure in the withdrawal dl vehicle that does not like customers. When looking for your car, select those that offer pick-up and return with a full tank.


We bring you a video so you know a little more of Fuerteventura airport.

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