alquiler de coches en ibiza sin franquicia

Rent a car in Ibiza without franchise

alquiler de coches en ibiza sin franquicia
Rent a car in Ibiza without franchise

How can you make a car hire in Ibiza without franchise

When making a car hire in Ibiza, the price per day will not be the only data to take into account. Insurance which has our vehicle should be partly marked our final decision when it comes to confirm our reservation.

But there is more than one insurance on rental cars?

Maybe not. The only insurance that is supported on a rental car is the all risk. However, insurance houses have invented insurance with no deductible.

What is a franchise in car rentals

Therefore exactly the same as in any other type of vehicle. Your car will be insured all risk but there will be a minimum amount for repairs. What amount are we talking about? Because depending on the company, season of the year and, above all, company policy, the amount can vary from the three hundred euros to thousand two hundred euros or more in economic range vehicles. In case of a mishap, the cost of repair up to the franchise of the insurance will come out of your pocket.

The deposit of the franchise

For the company to lease the vehicle, collect these damages to the client can be a real headache. How to avoid mishaps is to retain the total amount your credit card customer. You hold does not mean that you charge. At least for the time being. Your money will be retained until the company receives the return vehicle, check that there has been no damage, and release the corresponding amount.

Get a car hire in Ibiza without franchise

The only way to cancel the franchise of the insurance is hiring an additional insurance without excess risk. Rent houses already have it planned. Is more. Few would cover the annual budget if only they alquilasen cars, so the sale of this additional policy is going to be a premise at the time of pick up the vehicle. In other words: they’re going to try to sell the insurance at all costs. What is the amount of insurance without excess? Then again, will depend on the type of car and the company. Come on, that we have seen from eight euros per day to nearly twenty more economical vehicles. Crazy.

An alternative to the insurance without excess.

There is a form of insurance that we have not included. Insurance on the franchise. It is a good alternative to the insurance risk and, above all, cheaper. This policy not going to rid of the rent deposit. However, if we sufriésemos a mishap, secure envelope the franchise would take over the costs up to a total franchise of three thousand euros, more than enough in the majority of cases. The cost per rental day will be six euros, which in most cases will save more than important.

With or without a franchise, what you should know

There are some things about insurance and franchises that you should know.

No you can rent a car uninsured without committing a crime in Spain. You can not rent a vehicle without insurance.

Insurance companies have exclusions in their policies. You should check which are the exclusions of your policy in particular to collect your vehicle. Among the most prominent are:

  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, toxic substances or narcotics
  • Damage caused intentionally by the insured, unless such damage has been caused by necessity.
  • The omission of duty relief
  • Participation in racing, bets or challenges
  • When the car being driven by a person without driving license, has broken the condemnation of withdrawal of passport or is expired. When is the driver not in the contract.
  • By infringement relating to the maximum number of transported people, weight measurements of objects or authorized maximum
  • By the movement of your vehicle by unsuitable routes
  • The damage caused by the movement of the vehicle in the interior of enclosures of airports and ports.
  • Significant damage on the underside of the vehicle, and also damage to the clutch, for not knowing how to drive a manual vehicle

And now that already you have counted everything you should know about car hire in Ibiza without franchise, we invite you find on our website a cheap Ibiza Airport car rental.

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