Pont de Can Font

Pont de Can Font

Pont de Can Font

The bridge of Can Font, known locally as Pont de Can Font, is one of the most hard to find places. The access there are that make it to foot, but not is that the problem. The bridge not is is signposted until not arrive to your base. And that’s in a way off-road. Can I be sure visit this area during winter week Yes and week also. And sometimes even during the week. But if they come to me to say that there is a historical bridge, I simply say that it is impossible.

Arriving at Pont de Can Font

The bridge certainly is. To visit it you have to take the road which joins the town of Santa Eulalia Ibiza city . Will have to direct us to the town of Sant Joan to the get to the crossing to the left. After reaching a small roundabout you will be taking the second detour. After crossing about seven hundred meters, you will find a dirt road to our right. This is a good time to park the car because the road to times is again impassable on wheels. A few hundred metres the road forks, so we take the turn right to find us the first canizales. There is a route alternative, something shorter and less country, taking the first turning left once past the junction of Sant Joan, but you will lose the chance to walk among the fields of Santa Gertrudis.

History of Pont de Can Font

History also has, but is unaware of their origins exact. Know that in the century XVIII is had record of the existence of the by ones written in which is made reference to its use. We also know that if they fail to clean the bed of the River, not we had had news of its existence. We said well, the river. Because this bridge crossed the Santa Eulalia River becoming an easier task the passing of carts towards Sant Joan. During the winter months the bed of the river returns to cover water and canizales, even though desbrocen them, grow back.

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