Playa d’en Bossa in Ibiza

Playa d'en Bossa

La Playa d'en Bossa is a beach full of services with different environments according to its section

Playa d'en Bossa

To talk about Playa d’en Bossa is to talk about one of the best known places on the island of Ibiza. in Bossa is not only the name of one of the largest stretches of coastline in Ibiza, but also an urban complex qualifying as a holiday city. Those who know the area well not leave amazed by the transformation of the services of this beach, prepared for an ever more demanding public. If we take a long walk, we can see the beach, has a shape quite straight, in which the wind tends to blow hard. The waters are very calm and the slope of the coast is very mild. Wave just breaks with force a few meters from the shore and is very unlikely to have some hangover at sea. The bathroom in these conditions is perfect, and we can practice all kinds of sailing. If you prefer sea dip, enjoy at the end of the beach, and coinciding with the area of rock, the landscape of the nature reserve of Las Salinas. The seafloor is very sandy, with algae behind the bathing area. This vegetation gives a darker appearance to certain areas that can be perfectly seen from the shore. The many services available give a special category to the zone, where we spend in places filled with families looking for a dip to areas of true glamour. Restaurants and bars are one incentive to visit this beach, as even the local population is approaching some snack a few meters from the water. Here we have some of the Best Beach Clubs on the island.

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Description of Playa d’en Bossa

From the end of the Figueretas beach to the Torre de Sal Rossa, more than two kilometres of fine sand give shelter to innumerable hospitality establishments, luxury residential areas and large high-standing complexes. The beach belongs to two municipalities as different as Ibiza and Sant Josep, and this division is clearly reflected in the urban nuclei that run along the coast in a parallel way. Starting with Figueretas, Playa d’en Bossa is presented as a large set of high quality hotels, surrounded by low profile, sailor-looking houses. They were the last urban nuclei of the outskirts of the city of Ibiza and have remained as residential areas that share space with the tourist offer. In this area we will find some entertainment venues that open their doors to the local public. At the height of the minigolf of Playa d’en Bossa The residential area changes completely. We have reached the municipality of Sant Josep, and we find a walk dedicated to shopping and leisure, with bars of a very foreign atmosphere, flags and wet T-shirts. At the end of the street we find several attractions in an o and the beginning of the most lively area of the Beach. The bars more picturesque, full of English and Germans, the famous Bora Bora beach bar, some facilities and resorts, and Hi, one of the most important clubs of the island. Our route ends with some resorts of first quality and environment more familiar to a Sal Rossa.

Other beaches near Playa d'en Bossa

Es Cavallet

Es Cavalleria 4 Km

The beach of ES Cavalleria is known by the inhabitants of the island like a nudist beach, of special predilection between the gay collective.


Figueretas Beach 3 Km away

The most urban beach of Ibiza, Figueretas, widely known and a perfect place to enjoy the sea and the city.

Las Salinas

Las Salinas Beach 5 Km away

The beach of Ses Salines, or Playa de Las Salinas, is better known for giving shelter in its bars to people of the celebrity, that by the beauty of the place.

Torre des Carregador

Tower des Irrigator at 1144 meters

One of the places that every visitor of Playa d’en Bossa remembers is the tower at the bottom of the beach.

Iglesia de San Jordi

Church of Sant Jordi at 1348 meters

The Church of Sant Jordi is located in the heart of the town centre of Sant Jordi.

Pou Roig

Pou Roig 2 Km

Halfway between Sant Jordi and Ibiza you will find Pou Roig.

locations in and around Playa d'en Bossa

San Jordi

Sant Jordi at 1427 meters

Sant Jordi de Ses Salines is one of the most industrialized parishes of the island.

San Francisco

Sant Francesc 2 Km

Sant Francesc de S’Estany is a small village at the exit of Sant Jordi de ses salines and obligatory place for the beach of SES salines and es cavalleria.

Catedral de Ibiza

Ibiza at 4 Km

Tourism in Ibiza came from the hand of the Sun, the party and the beach.