Photographers of Ibiza: Alberto Di Fiore

Fotógrafos en Ibiza Alberto Di Fiore

Photographers of Ibiza: Alberto Di Fiore

I am Alberto Di Fiore, an Italian based in Spain, in love with Ibiza and its natural beauty.

As a lover of beauty, I started, years ago, to reflect all that was excited, impressed, made me laugh… photos, photos in color, black and white, experiencing textures… and so I was understanding that a moment can be eternal if we locked him in a photograph.

Photographers from Ibiza: landscapes

I like the scenery, natural, and urban street photography… but I like especially the portrait. Especially here in Ibiza I have had the opportunity of portraying models and I have always marveled checking what can be said with a look, a gesture or with the body.

He retouching digital me seems a half very interesting for enhance the image in if, but speak of retouching made with knowledge and not of the thousands applications pre-confeccionada that exist today. Lately I am experiencing the fusion of urban landscapes with textures and colors, as with a blank canvas.

Many people see the retouching as to a falsification of the reality but I it see as a medium over expression; the world digital today us offers endless opportunities to experience and create and me seems unfair associate it only to the world of the fashion where is reduces to a way of slimming quickly to them models.

Photographers of Ibiza: photography art

Personally I see it photography as an option very successful for the decoration, by that I dedicated also to the photography artistic. I currently collaborate with a company in Barcelona that is devoted exactly to this sector

I’ve done books of photos to individuals; considering that Ibiza offers us unique scenarios, it is a beautiful reminder of a special holiday in a place as unique as “our” island.

I have participated in exhibition collective in Huelva, Moguer and Rome, and I have a project of an exhibition personal in Ibiza.

My photographers preferred are two classic as Steve McCurry and Robert layer, but also the photojournalist Emilio Morenatti, Federica Erra that is an authority in portraits and I like much the creativity of Chema Madoz between others; my inspiration of the world and its inhabitants, thus in general!

You can find more information and pictures on our tab photographer in Ibiza Alberto Di Fiore


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