on March 1. Holiday in Sa Coma

Dia Islas Baleares

March one is celebrated the day of the Balearic Islands. To celebrate this day of 2011 has been created the day in Sa Coma. For those who are not related to these areas, Sa Coma was the old Ibiza military barracks. In 2009 it passed into the hands of the Consell d’Eivissa which has restructured the area creating a University campus, today in operation, a campus of emergencies, for the coordination of the emergency services, and finally a campus sport and environment. The latter has several sports facilities and a new motocross circuit.

For this holiday, were prepared for a series of activities related to nature, tradition and, of course, the children. We will perform a somewhat free translation of the corporate brochure, for the triptych should not have space for the text in Spanish.

The day’s activities in the Balearic Islands

Workshop and popular chess tournament. Awards ceremony at 13:00

Display Ca Eivissenc (Ibizan dog).

Caravan of power and environmental information point.

Audiovisual projections: “The legacy of the Balearic Islands”

Audiovisual screenings: ‘Natural spaces in the Pitiusas’

Exhibition of photographs: “Biodiversity of the Pitiusas” of Antonio Manzanares Palarga

Archery shop

Crossbow archery workshop

Sports games

  • Popular games
  • Alternative and collaborative sports
  • Football 3 × 3
  • Hockey games
  • Badminton
  • Volleyball 3 × 3
  • Table tennis
  • “Raqueta-guantes” matches
  • Aim games
  • Board Games

Activities in the Central Plaza

Children’s and youth workshops from:

  • Mosaics of the Balearic Islands
  • Development of the map of the Balearic Islands with plasticine
  • Elaboration of books with Fables of the Balearic Islands
  • Points of book of the Balearic Islands
  • “Fischer tips”
  • “Windows color”
  • Badges and magnets
  • Children makeup
  • Balloon twisting
  • Jewellery with “fimo”. Necklaces and earrings.
  • Scooby Doo bracelets
  • Rubber eva
  • Modelling paste
  • Games with recyclable material
  • Puppets and puppet
  • Dream catcher
  • Gel candles
  • Soaps
  • Pictures for scratching
  • Paper folding and origami
  • Sample of craftsmen of traditional trades.
  • Market of organic farming, artisans and local produce of Ibiza
  • Fair of the Barruguets (Ibiza goblins)
  • Traditional games
  • Exhibition of native breeds animals and trucks farmers.
  • Background music Ibiza Music Cluster Manager
  • Solidarity bar the socio-health Platform Manager.
  • Exhibition of Menorcan dressage
  • Official dance by Sa Colla de Can Bonet group
  • Bran popular dance

Display of Agility

Tournament Bocce

Historic camp. Representation of the time of Aníbal Barca and the ancient Mediterranean world.

Farmers parade

Display in the area of emergency

  • Exposure of the General direction of emergency resources
  • Sample of the operation of a forest fire emergency device
  • Show with fire trucks
  • Hospital campaign, operation of mobile Red Cross ambulances/ICU

Motocross trophy.

Only Ibiza wishes you to enjoy a great day of the Balearic Islands.

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