mataro en barcelona con tu coche

Mataró in Barcelona with your rental car

Since we are in Barcelona we can leverage that we have car rental to move us to Mataró. The truth is that there is not much distance between the two cities. In just thirty-two kilometers we will have reached our destination. If you do not have vehicle remember that it might be a good time to hire your car hire in Barcelona.

Video of Mataró in Barcelona with your rental car

Our recommendation in Mataró is going to be a bit special: the visit to the Burriac Castle or Castle of San Vicente. It is located to four hundred meters high overlooking the coast from the Hill of Burriac. Access by car is possible during a long stretch although the last part of the path is done on foot.

There are other places in Barcelona that you will discover if you have rental car as well as Mataró. To see the best places you can visit our page of Barcelona by car.

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