Map of the beaches of Ibiza

Mapa oficial playas Ibiza

We present the official map of beaches on the island of Ibiza. You just have to press on the map of the beaches of Ibiza to be able to download it. This map is divided into leaflets which you can pick up at the offices of tourist information in a more expanded size. So not you take surprises, you recommend that visit in our web the tabs corresponding to the beaches of Ibiza. Also if you want you can use our map to print, configurable with the beaches that you choose.

Our guide of beaches Ibiza

Please note that despite what you see in the photos, not all beaches are easily accessible. Some is not enough to bring a quite normal rental car. You will need an all terrain for access to some coves remote. In others rather than car, there are that have value to face the slopes of lowered until the shore. Cala d ‘ in Serra is a good example.

The directions on the map aren’t all exact that you wish, so always check the beach where exactly and if the road is in good condition.

Despite being given access to people with reduced mobility, keep in mind that in some beaches it is not necessary to use such access. Visit our guide to clarify your doubts.

Don’t get carried away by the photos of the Guide. Some are too far and not going to get an idea of what you’ll find. Places like S’ S’illot des Renclí just going to put the umbrella and towels. In others, such as the beach of S’Argamassa must give much credit to the photographer.

Different environments from the beaches of Ibiza

Remember to choose your beach in function of your needs and the type of environment you are looking for. There are more youthful than other beaches. There are quiet people, for families, for solitary, for famous, gay, for nudists.


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