Map of is Canar

Mapa de Es Canar

Here we bring you the map of Es Canar, a somewhat particular map drawn up by public institutions and which houses much of the East of Santa Eulalia. It is Canar lies about six kilometers from this municipality and on his way several beaches more than notable.

Touring map of Es Canar

Out of map, Niu Blau and Cala Pada are located to the South, just before arriving at S’Argamassa. It’s funny that own Es Canar map not appoint the latter as beach. Despite being included in the official catalogue of beaches, it is not just a place to recommend. Not we could say the same of Cala Martina Beach, just below. Also to the North of Es Canar map is cut at a very interesting point. Just a little higher Ses Pedrisses we find Cala Nova. One kilometre short of Es Canar, Cala Nova is famous for the quality of its beach and el campín, one of the few found in the island.

Back to the map of Es Canar, the main access to the town is in the North, direction Sant Carles. This access is the most comfortable and takes place from the road of Santa Eulalia. From here we reach the main axis of the beach of Es Canar, the urban core. Buses, taxis and parking lots await us next to a small port inside the Bay. Although it appears not marked on the map, under this port we find a pier where ships from Santa Eulalia, Ibiza’s Cala Llonga arrive.

The map of Es Canar market

The beach of is Canar measured some three hundred meters of long and is equipped with enough services. As a place of vacation has all it needed. But we found no Es Canar fame here, but a little more to the South. If we return to the . Far from being a makeshift market, Es Canar hippy market is pretty organized, with stalls and attractions for visitors. Enjoys of great fame international and is often found to some famous doing their shopping and gifts. Nor should wonder is if those prices non are popular. Its importance has led institutions to include this private enterprise within a map, which does not take place or with clubs. Queues formed in this market are very important so we will have to have a little patience to access any of the three car parks in the market.

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