Map of Dalt Vila Ibiza city

Mapa de Dalt Vila

Stroll the upper town of Ibiza can be a unique experience, so nothing better than hitting a look before this map of Dalt Vila, the official map of public entities. Today there are four access to the walled enclosure. The main, ideal for tourist visit, found in the Portal de Ses Taules, and is accessed through the neighborhood of la Marina, once crossed the Paseo de Vara de Rey. The second access is located at Portal Nou, Park Reina Sofia. Both accesses are almost at the level of the sea by what we will have to go walking to the Cathedral to complete our visit. We found another great option in the opposite side of the city. Across the road from the Calvari, we reach a parking lot with two entrances. The first is a tunnel that goes up to the Cathedral itself. Attentive to the inclined slope, with steps every couple of metres. The second access is another tunnel, although this time downhill towards the Town Hall. For the first entry, we recommend to visit Dalt Vila downhill.

That not to miss in Dalt Vila

If started by the Cathedral, the visit to the Museum Diocesan not should miss. In the outside, in the square of the Cathedral and in the first of them five bastions that make up the wall, Santa key, find the Museum archaeological of Dalt Vila. A time visited, you recommend that use the exit opposite to the Cathedral. There you will find a unique view of the City of Ibiza to spend your camera. A small office in an old building, the home of the Curia, has become a tourist information point, so there we appropriating the rest of maps and brochures of the city. We won’t go from here without going into Madina Yabisa. This small enclosure offers an exhibition of the time Arab Ibiza. Currently the castle is in process of reforms for convert is in parador tourist, although the great amount of discoveries that the works have left to the view delayed its reform. Also visit the Almudaina nor the Bishop’s Palace. However, we go down through the main street and make our next stop in the Puget Museum. After the exit of the Museum, nothing best that ask you to San Ciriaco in the chapel that is located a little more forward. It will not be bad idea buying some sweets from the monastery of nuns.

Our descent will take us to Can Botino, next to the Plaza of Spain and in front of the city of Ibiza. Here you will find the historical archive of Eivissa. Your visit is worthwhile to contemplate at least the period costumes which are exposed.

Touring the bastions from Dalt Vila

After passing by the Town Hall it visit is forced to the Church of Santo Domingo, next to the bulwark of Santa Lucía. If not take rush, perhaps is a good time to explore the bulwarks. The next in our way is the bulwark of Sant Joan, where you will find the Museum of contemporary art. From here we can get to the bulwark of Sant Pere where tend to produce is performances to the get the sunset. After him the Baluarte de Sant Jaume, Sant Jordi and Sant Bernat. From here we can again take the tunnel towards the parking is Soto.

This is so only an of the visits that we offers this map of Dalt Vila. Although well we can make our own flat route in hand.

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