La Mola in Formentera with your rental car

Of the most striking places in Formentera, La Mola, as well as the Cap of Babaria, is especially striking for tourism. It is located at the opposite end to Babaria and its height over the coast is higher than the previous: one hundred and forty-two meters above the sea level. To reach it there a twelve kilometers which we recommend that you have your own vehicle. Consult our offers on our website: Formentera car rental

Video of La Mola in Formentera with your rental car

In the video we can not see the road that leads to the lighthouse at La Mola but don’t have much difficulty. The road passes from the port of Formentera for El Pilar de La Mola, the town that gives its name to the lighthouse. Although at the beginning there are some curves at ascension, exceeded once you will find yourself with a long straight that you will enjoy the views in your rental car.

If you are going to travel to Formentera we recommend that you give you a tour of the section on places to see in Formentera by car where you can find more information.

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