ibiza las puertas del cielo

Ibiza: The gates of heaven

Today we invite you to one of the most charming of the deep Ibiza: the gates of heaven. The name comes from a family-run restaurant that we found between the road of San Mateo and San Antonio, close to Santa Inés de Corona. The invitation is not for the restaurant, but for the views offered by the cliffs which are very close. To get you’ll need a vehicle so you can check out our page to get cheap Ibiza Airport car hire.

I see from the gates of heaven

Once you arrive to our destination we could decidirons by down to the Cove is Corrals, a way to make more walking from a previous path, either enjoy views from the mirador. From this last point, we can have a wide perspective on the North coast of the island. Ses Margalides Island seems to be within reach of the hand.

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