Ibiza Medieval 2012

Ibiza medieval 2012

This Thursday begins the Ibiza Medieval 2012. Another year us goes to touch travel the streets of Dalt Vila in seeks of parades and shows without end. So not we lose, you show the agenda for a weekend of madness.

Thursday 10th 2012 Medieval Ibiza

At six o’clock in the afternoon, we will have the opening of the 13TH Edition with parade included party. At nine-thirty the first show at the Reina Sofia, Foc trucks Park brings Negre.

Friday day 11 in Ibiza Medieval 2012

And party in Ibiza, so lift you prontito because to them 11:30 of it tomorrow in the bulwark of Sant Pere, to which is enter by the Park Queen Sofia, will have theater children with them Pirates of the impro

At twelve runs to the cloister of City Hall to see Teatralia in the head of the dragon, written by Valle-Inclán. Don’t worry if you miss the show with Trapeze and The star fairy fabrics in the plaza of the Park because there are two more at five and seven in the afternoon.

To the an of the midday hours a show mixing between fight and irony with a horse and a donkey as main protagonists. You may reach the Plaza de la Constitución in the old market. Also at that time we will see in the bastion of Sant Pere the children’s theatre of Rodamonsteatre, with new sessions to five and seven.

The seven spectacle of medieval dances in the cloister of the Town Hall.

To them eight of the afternoon will have that pass by the Church of Santo Domingo for hear the concert of music Renaissance and Baroque for trio.

Half an hour later have Vigatans and angevins, Catalan popular song that will perform at the Cathedral.

At nine o’clock, at the Church of the convent of Ses Monges Tancades, Bestiarum. A musical show in charge of Trobairitz. We closed the second day of Medieval Ibiza with Arab dances at nine-thirty in the evening. A show unique in the bastion of Santa Llúcia.

Also count with different shows touring to this day. Among the most prominent companies, the Celtic music of Curinga, ENTRACT in “Ouroboros“, medieval music by Rapax. BONE represent Krakov, the guardian of the wall and the jester Plaston. The music Arabic will be a charge of Mizan. On the promenade of geese, one hundred of these animals the ancient city areas. Group recreation Christian Renaissance will be fighting in charge of Ferrum Radix. Renaissance also will be the music of Longa Organa. The Group of recreation Arabah will make a defile to charge of blood and steel. The Ball of San Vito will represent the doctor Sensaloni sold their recipes ancestral. ALE-Gria El Saltimbanki Urculeo and its walking Castle. Louvied, Romeo Il Inamoratto, appeals to the Court. A curious parade of oxen will join the event.

Saturday day 12 in Ibiza Medieval 2012

Again open it tomorrow to them eleven and half with it work theatrical of Valle-Inclán it head of the dragon.

Continues the spectacle of trapezoids and fabrics to the twelve, five and seven as well as the theatre children’s Rodamonsteatre. The dances medieval change his schedule to the twelve and six and half in the cloister. Vigatans angevins i moved to the Church of Santo Domingo at eight in the evening hours.

At nine o’clock, double acting. The judge in the divorce of Cervantes in the cloister of the Town Hall and concert of the Chamber Orchestra of the professional Conservatory of music of Ibiza in the Cathedral.

Dances Arab to the nine and half in the bastion of Santa Llúcia.

New companies VES travel required to the Cathedral. Els contes d’Ali Baba shall be borne by the Ball of San Vito. ALE-Gria will offer the Jeperut Ildefons and his ball and Fakiker and Mizan Tarabe. Curinga will accompany his Celtic music. In charge of bone tree man. Luovied returns with sister violet and Santos Mogollon, ecclesiastical art in Internet and La Sota of Bastos, to the conquest of men.

Sunday day 13 in Ibiza Medieval 2012

Those Pirates of the impro in the bulwark of Sant Pere to the eleven and half. At noon, medieval dances in the bastion of Santa Llúcia, concert by the Banda municipal de Ibiza in the Plaza of the Constitution, the judge of the divorces in the cloister of the Town Hall and the spectacle of the trapezium in its regular schedule at the Park Plaza. Rodamonsteatre also continues with its schedule routine of a, five and nine. At eight o’clock, concert of the choir Ciutat de Eivissa in the Church of Santo Domingo.

To the nine and half, the last performance of dance Arab.

These companies will be joined again.

But they won’t be the only activities in the great medieval festival of Ibiza. The dances will tour the streets being represented by collas of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca. In addition there is a marathon photo for the medieval. Among their categories, is highlight the destined to shows and activities. And they are not few.

Permanent in the Medieval Ibiza

During all those days in Ibiza Medivial 2012 will find a space child in the bulwark of Sant Pere with various activities for them more small. You should not miss the military camp of baluarte de Sant Joan with various performances and exhibitions. In Santa tecla falconry Queens held exhibitions at eleven, five and eight in the afternoon. Also there will be games for them small to them eleven and seven in the afternoon. The Cathedral Square will be a real hotbed of artisans from the more ancient crafts. The Arab camp will be installed in the bastion of Santa Tecla. In the plaza of Spain, you will find an exhibition of Arab utensils.

You remember that for upload until the Cathedral the road is can make more pleasant if you use them buses that depart from rod of King until is Soto. From here can access through them tunnels antique to the Cathedral or the Town Hall and take all the . The hours will be from 10 to 15 and 17 to 23 hours and they will leave every 15 minutes.



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