hotel ibiza 2013

Hotels Ibiza 2013

hoteles Ibiza 2013

Hotels Ibiza 2013
In the majority of them destinations tourist, when one is decides by the accommodation, usually have in has a series of options. Among them are often highlight the price and the services that offer. The distance to the beach or other places playful also are important. They hotels in Ibiza will need an additional fact: the area of the island in which they are located. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but sometimes two hundred metres make the difference between sleep or not sleep during the night.

To clarify some doubts we are going to describe the main areas of the island, taking into account that we ceñiremos accommodations as hotels, regardless of the number of stars. Clear that if came here looking for hotels, you can go directly to our pages of hotels in Ibiza. Although I recommend that before read this article

Hotels in the city of Eivissa. Hotels Ibiza 2013

Under a point of view purely tourist, can establish the following places of accommodation:

  • The port
  • Paseo Marítimo
  • Dalt Vila
  • Mills
  • Figueretas
  • Playa d’ Bossa
  • Talamanca

The port is the main area of leisure night of the city. If your hotel resides too close may suffer the typical discomfort that causes so much people together. Or even though he will spend the night between streets (the neighborhood of La Marina is a very diverse meeting place) may be the perfect choice. It has the great advantage of being perfectly connected both by land and by sea with the rest of the island, and even neighboring Formentera.
To the other end of the port we find the paseo maritime. It is the most economically powerful area of the city. The level of their accommodations also. It has the great advantage of being next to the Casino de Ibiza and the Pacha nightclub. The soundproofing is perfect so we will not find problems to sleep in our hotel.

As for the high part of the city, Dalt Vila, say that we are in the world heritage. Its streets, squares, alleys and, of course, the wall, give us another perspective of the Ibiza that was. Is the place perfect for hotels with a great charm.

Away from the Centre, towards the South, we find an elevation of the city. By luck for many, ends in a large Esplanade used as parking. Up here, we are going to find us hotels on one side of the street. We are into the mills. Those views to Formentera are really spectacular. The narrowness of the streets to raise walk also. Not is very recommended if have to carry any cart or Chair of wheels. As idyllic corner is priceless.

Figueretas is a rundown tourist district. But it has an important hotel offer nothing despicable. The quality increases as we get closer to first line of sea. Its great advantage is that counts with the unique beach urban of the municipality. Relax on the sand or taking a bus is located virtually at the same distance. Reach the city centre or the port do not take more than fifteen minutes walking.

Then of Figueretas we find with beach d ‘ in Bossa, although there are two versions on this beach. Each one corresponds to the municipality where it is located. The part corresponding to Eivissa is much quieter. The hotels are of special quality and the atmosphere very peaceful. The distance to the center of the city makes the journey standing in a long walk. Luckily, if you do not have car rental, bus option will always him.

Finally, we find the beach of Talamanca, in the Bay to the North of the port. Without ceasing to be an urban beach, Talamanca has become a green refuge in the capital. Its proximity to the natural area of Ses Feixes, in the process of becoming world heritage, has managed to transform this old fishing port into a lovely place. Them Hotels van to distribute is to both ends of the beach being them more near to the city the best releases. The farthest feature with good parking, which in Ibiza, is a blessing.

The city is an ideal destination for those who are not going to have car and want to explore the beauty of the island without renouncing the Ibiza night. You can find hotels in Ibiza


Hotels in Sant Josep (San Jose).

We have the municipality with the largest expanse of beaches on the island. Also counts with an advantage only. Almost all of its beaches offer a West facing, making a spectacular sunset. The greater part of its offer hotel it will find in the ends of the municipality. To the North, costs work distinguish where ends the municipality and where begins Sant Antoni. To the South, the singular Beach d ‘ in Bossa be limited with Eivissa. Curiously, are them major nuclei urban in contrast with the capital of the municipality, Sant Josep of Sa Talaia. But we be the main hotel areas.

  • Playa d’ Bossa
  • Cala Tarida
  • Port des Torrent

There is much talk of Playa d’ Bossa in the municipal term of Sant Josep, the southern part of the beach. In the last years is has developed in the greater Centre of leisure of the island. The atmosphere is really spectacular. If we arrived from the city of Ibiza you will find a fun shopping promenade. The municipality is brutal. Are famous the evenings in the bar musical Bora Bora. Do not end the environment to the dusk. Or much less. The two discos Ushuaia and Space, as well as an endless list of bars and nightclubs will be more than entertained. The atmosphere in the streets can overcome them limits permissible for the rest night. Of course, that the hotels have been converted to achieve levels of authentic luxury occasionally.

While most away to the South, reaching known as Torre de la Sal, the environment again relax finding of high quality hotels in quiet environments.

From here can go the coast between beaches really incredible and very known as is Cavallet or the Salinas, but not will be until Cala Tarida when the presence hotel is remarkable.

What does Cala Tarida? As a beach full of services, with entertainment for all ages, a peculiar look with some other rock that ride. But above all, a fascinating sunset. As it is rare not to see someone taking a picture. The quality of the hotels varies little being a highly prized respite Center.

We jump to the far north after sort several coves and beaches very recognized by tourists and locals to get to Port des Torrent. Little or nothing has to do with the nearby Centre of Sant Antoni. Neither the plurality of nationalities there given appointment. It is a very large urban area. It begins in the beach of the same name and extends for some miles. This will allow us to a wide variety of hotels of different prices and styles. Since the more reserved, on the beach, scattered hotels on one side of the road. In these last can find prices on the island, although communications will not be as good as we would like and may be essential to a car rental in Ibiza.

A real pleasure for those who claim to enjoy the Ibiza of the sunsets or live the night more autencia and that you can consult for hotels in Sant Josep

Hotels in Sant Antoni (San Antonio) Hotels Ibiza 2013

This ancient village of fishermen had a huge transformation to the reach the explosion of the tourism. However, at some point in their journey, they diverted the course. Them hotels more centrally located of the population is put in hands of agencies all included and filled his known West of young British that have ruined its reputation. Despite the efforts that have been made to this 2013, we doubt the effectiveness of these measures have been able to have to improve the kind of tourism. If our intentions are it’s not paste eye in all the night to prices really cheap, perhaps can include these hotels on our list of preferences. By luck, not all the locality share these tastes.

  • Zone West
  • S’Arenal
  • Caló des Moro
  • Cala Gracio

Little more than talk about the West zone. Not suitable to sleep for the night. Its extension it can demarcate quite well. It begins in Passeig de Ses Fonts (fonts, next to the Marina promenade) and crosses the street Carrer del Mar during some three intersections. From here, Sant Antoni becomes a quieter town.

Against the ride is extends the beach of S’arenal. There are no hotels for a good stretch. At the other end we find different accommodations. Some is placed next to the sea although the great majority is found in the road upper. There is a short walk from here to the water but the price and tranquillity can compensate for it.

Towards the southern end, behind the seaport, extends a wide coastal stretch of profile very low. Here reach Caló des Moro. Despite being a small and almost impromptu Beach, several hotel packages are disputed waters. We have Café del Mar and Mambo, two local very persecuted boast the best sunsets, although the atmosphere that surrounds them is purely English.

From here we come to one of our favorite places of the municipality. At the end of the road, away from the madding crowd, is already one of the coves most flirty and visited by residents. Cala Gracio, a family beach, has some hotels where reigns the most absolute tranquility. A sharp contrast between what separates us a hundred meters below.

A very diverse destination with cheap accommodation which you can consult in Sant Antoni hotels

Hotels in Sant Joan (St. John) Hotels Ibiza 2013

This locality to the North was the latest in join is to the maelstrom tourist. And he did it very slightly. Perhaps his distance to the capital and its winding coastline which allowed him not to awaken the interest of the large construction companies. Thanks to this we have beaches more Virgin and wild in Ibiza.

While we can find all kinds of lodgings, are the farmhouses which stand out more. But there are also hotels, of course. Although these are accumulated in two areas well separated.

  • Cala San Vicente
  • Port de Sant Miquel de Balansat

On the edge of a large Bay is situated an of the coves more deep of the island and of more difficult access. After crossing some curves, and as who not expected the thing, we found a cala of little width with an extensive arenal. A row of hotels, parallel to the sea, we are welcomed to the Cala San Vicente. A landscape really charming.

Several kilometers away, always facing north, we find a Cove that encloses several Secrets: the port of San Miguel or Sant Miquel. To start, not are a but three the beaches that keeps this corner. An of them attached to land the island more face of the world. In addition, here lies one of the caves of greater importance of the Balearic Islands used by pirates and smugglers. The region has its charm. Of course, if you want to stay in a hotel on a cliff, you’ve come to the perfect place. If walking the hotel range, here you will find the best dishes of fish according to the experts.

In short, a quiet destination for lovers of relaxed life looking for hotels in Sant Joan.

Hotels in Santa Eulalia (Santa Eulalia) Hotels Ibiza 2013

If there is a place on the island which has evolved to a high standing tourism that is Santa Eulària. Has been the tourist German which is has charge of demand ones accommodation to the height of its power purchasing, as well as some facilities appropriate it such categories. A clear example is the magnificent port sports of the town or his palace of congresses. Front hotel resorts of the highest level have risen to them. As we move away of the city, the environment is again more relaxed being the fan of possibilities very high.

  • Santa Eulária des Riu
  • Cala Llonga
  • Is Canar
  • Is Figueral

The Center City is the more rich in hotels. Highlights the best five-star island. And speak in the plural because there are many and varied. The town has given them that calm and relaxed air offering their inhabitants.
Towards the South have Cala Llonga. This immense cala passes by being one of them destinations tourist favorite by the tourists. There are several hotels in the area closest Island to the only golf course surrounded by pure vegetation and cliffs capable of removing any hiccups.

It is Canar is located on the opposite side of the municipality. His great fame is must partly to the flea market, hippy in your time, perfectly organized that welcomes during the months of summer. The cultural and sporting fields make the influx of celebrities of all somewhat special.

Finally, sharing the Bay with Sant Joan, find Es Figueral. From here, the beauty of the landscape becomes infinite. Without reaching the class, elegance and services who can offer us in the Grand Hotels of the capital of the municipality, facilities promise to not allow ourselves nor a just bad taste.

A wide variety of destinations and accommodation suitable for all budgets that you can consult in hotels in Santa Eulalia

Tips for before and after you make the booking. Hotels Ibiza 2013

Keep in mind where your hotel is located before booking. If you’re not going to rent a car in Ibiza make sure that no bus stop nearby and, above all, if their schedules are going to be compatible with your activities. There are few night buses and taxi has a fees more expensive for Spain.

There are companies specialized in the transfer of tourists up to the door of your accommodation. If yours is retired from the bus stop you can be a good option for not dragging suitcases.

Make sure the services included in the price of your accommodation. Especially if the accommodation down three stars.

Guaranteed prices tend to be agreed with the large operators of reservations. Invest your time in choosing the hotel and compare the criticisms.

Check your reservation by calling the hotel a few days after booking and before departing to your destination.

The inputs and outputs of the rooms tend to be scheduled at noon. Choose your flight well not to lose a nearly full day of reservation.

Recalls that in the hotels very next to them large discotheques them windows can be soundproofed, but not them doors. People are on holiday and can furthermore also be party. If you go with children trying to avoid them.

Not leave anything of value in the room of the hotel and leaves the room collected before exit. Pay attention not to let anything likely to be swept away.

Keep your belongings especially if these close on the beach and relax. Are you on holidays. This is an island and the people going to a rhythm very different to the of any great city. Remember that with education will take much more far.

Hotels Ibiza 2013

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