Tour Guide of Sant Carles de Peralta or San Carlos

San Carlos brings together the beauty of the most historic Ibiza, in an environment of great tranquility

Located about six kilometers from the nucleus of Santa Eularia is the parish of Sant Carles De Peralta, Or San Carlos. It Is formed by the bandages ofEs figueral, Morna, Atzaró And Peralta. The latter gives its name to the parish, with a church of the late EIGHTEENTH century that highlights its porch. Its main entrance is at the north exit of Santa Eularia, being a frequent crossing point to the coves of Costa, like the famous Cala de San Vicente.
San Carlos

A village with a taste of yesteryear

Arriving at Sant Carles De Peralta, we checked the tranquility of a village in the north of the island, with green fields on which old farmhouses are erected. One of them, Is Trui de Ca’n Andreu, from the 17TH century, can be visited on Saturdays. Other elements such as the Font de Morna or the town square end up shaping a charming place like Sant Carles De Peralta.

Places of interest in San Carlos

If you have decided to make a visit to San Carlos, do not miss these corners

Font de Morna

Font by Morna

We Can Find the Font of Morna in the Vénda of the same name. Vénda is the name given in Ibiza by a set of rural plots.

Iglesia de San Carlos

Sant Carles Church

Located in the urban center of the town of Sant Carles de Peralta, we find the Church of Sant Carles.

Torre den Valls

Torre d’en Valls

In the territorial division of Sant Carles de Peralta we find Torre d’en Valls. Located next to Canal d’en Martí, also known as Pou des Lleó, Access can be made by road, although the final stretch obliges you to take the walking route.

Locations near San Carlos

San Vicente

Sant Vicent 5 Km

Located to the north of the urban nucleus of Sant Carles and in the municipality of Sant Joan, we find Sant Vincent de sa Cala.

Iglesia de Puig de Missa

Santa Eularia 7 Km

The human presence in this municipality has been established in the prehistoric era.

Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya 3 Km

Belonging to the municipality of Santa Eularia we can find the Beach of Cala Llenya, about twenty five kilometers from Ibiza and about ten from Santa Eularia.

Cala nova

Cala Nova At 3 Km

Belonging to the municipality of Santa Eularia we can find the beach of Cala Nova, about twenty-three kilometers from Ibiza and about seven of the parish of Santa Eularia.

Cala Mastella

Cala Mastella 4 Km

Belonging to the municipality of Santa Eularia we can find the beach of Cala Mastella about twenty kilometers from Ibiza and about eleven kilometers from the parish of Santa Eularia de Riu.

Fiestas de San Carlos

Fiesta Payesa de Sa Font de Peralta
29 June
Patron saint Festivities of Sant Carlos
November 4

Buses to San Carlos

Santa Eularia-Sant Carles-Cala Llenya line 16

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