Tower des irrigator. Arriving at the tower

Torre des Irrigator has incredible views over the coast

One of the places that every visitor of Playa d’en Bossa remembers is the tower at the bottom of the beach. Its figure at the end of the beach farthest from Ibiza does not go unnoticed to anyone. But getting to the Torre des Irrigator is not easy considering the steep stretch that we found at the end of the sand. If we decide to visit it by car, the most comfortable and safe way, we must take the road that connects Ibiza with Ses Salines. Once we enter the latter, we find within walking distance a detour indicating the direction to the tower, also called Torre de la Sal. In This place was formerly the spring of the salt, until it was replaced, already in peacetime, by the current pier, behind the beach of Ses Salines. The last stretch of road takes us down a dirt road to the foot of the tower itself.
Torre des Carregador

Mission of the Tower des Irrigator

The Defense Towers had several missions according to their location. The Tower was used as surveillance and protection. For The first case, we will find beautiful views that cover from Formentera to the castle of Ibiza. A portion of Costa Plana covered today by hammocks and hotels, but it does not stop surprising. His second mission, the protection of the salt men, turned it into a shelter with capacity for two hundred people, mainly workers. The strategic importance of the tower made it the only one with a home inside. To defend the toweritself, it has an overhang that allows the defenders of the main entrance to be protected. These ledges lead through a chimney, to an opening at the top of the door. From here, the release of liquids and objects facilitated these tasks.

other places to discover in the surroundings of the Torre des Carregador

from Torre des Carregador can access places of cultural interest

Iglesia de San Francisco

Sant Francesc Church At 1731 meters

The Parish Church of Sant Francesc de Paula is chaired by Sant Francesc d’Estany.

Monumento al salinero

Monument to the salt-mill At 1764 meters

For centuries, the island’s main economic activity was based on the salt trade.

Iglesia de San Jordi

Sant Jordi Church 2 Km Away

The Church of Sant Jordi is located in the heart of the town centre of Sant Jordi.

Other places to discover in the surroundings of Torre des irrigator

San Francisco

Sant Francesc

Sant Francesc de s’Estany is a small town at the exit of Sant Jordi de Ses Salines and obligatory place to pass for the beach of Ses Salines and Es Cavalleria.

San Jordi

Sant Jordi

Sant Jordi de Ses Salines is one of the most industrialized parishes on the island.

Catedral de Ibiza


Tourism in Ibiza came from the hand of the Sun, the party and the beach.

Beaches close to Torre des irrigator

Next to the Plaza de la Catedral, we will be able to enjoy the views to the beaches of the city Of Ibiza.

Playa d'en Bossa

To Talk about Playa d’en Bossa is to talk about one of the best known places on the island of Ibiza.

Es Cavallet

The Beach of Es Cavalleria is known by the inhabitants of the island like a nudist beach, of special predilection between the gay collective.


The Beach of Ses Figueretes, or Playa de Figueretas is located in the urban nucleus of Ibiza.

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