Torre de Comte or Torre d’en Rovira

Comte's Tower, Guarding the islets.

Torre de Comte offers incredible panoramic views of the San Antonio coast

the Torre De Comte, whose date of creation dates back to 1763, although it was approved seven years earlier, was used as a watchtower and defense of the Coast Of Sant Antoni. With a very high visual angle, which covered the entire Bay of Sant Antoni and communicated with the Torre de Es Savinar and the fortified church of Sant Antoni. It Was armed with cannons and located in front of the largest set of islands in Ibiza. Illa de Bosc, Sa Conillera (Hutch), the Illa de S’Espartar and another set of smaller islets. Thus, it protected the coast from incursions to the mainland.
Torre de Comte

A well-known structure

Although The tower is quite similar to the rest of the island’s towers, its passage to private hands and the subsequent conversion to housing made it suffer important modifications. The most significant is its lower door. In the Past, only one door on the first floor was used to avoid stalking the tower. From This plant was accessed to the lower, where the magazine was located, safe to avoid explosions.

How to get to Torre de Comte.

The easiest access can be made through the road that joins Sant Antoni With Cala Comte. We will find a detour that indicates the access to the Torre D’en Rovira. The Road flies off The ground and in pretty bad shape. We Can take the option of ending the road walking. The area around the tower is usually used for domingueras excursions, so it will not be surprising to cross with several cars and enjoying the countryside. The last section has access to the cars cut, but we can take advantage to contemplate the incredible views that Torre de Comte offers.

Other places to discover in the surroundings of the Torre de Comte

From Torre de Comte can access places of cultural interest

Capella d'en Beia

Capella D´en Beia 8 Km

Located at the foot of the road, one kilometer from Sant Agustí, we find the Capella d’en Beia.

moli d'en simo

Molino D´en Simó 8 Km

Located in the city centre of Sant Antoni, you will find Molí d’en Simó.

Iglesia de San Agustin

Sant Agustí Church 8 Km Away

Located on the Puig des Vedrá, in the heart of Sant Agustí, we find the Church of Sant Agustí des Vedrá.

Other places to discover in the vicinity of Torre de Comte

San Agustin

Sant Agustí

Sant Agustí des Vedrà is located between the urban centres of Sant Antoni and Sant Josep, belonging to the latter municipality but with urban areas adjacent to the nucleus of Sant Antoni.

Iglesia de San Antonio

Sant Antoni

Sant Antoni de Portmany is the closest point of Ibiza to the peninsula.

San Jose

Sant Josep

Sant Josep de Sa Talaia is a village nestled among mountains, although its extension and economic importance make it a suitable place for both lovers of the countryside and lovers of the sea.

Beaches near the Torre de Comte

Next to the Plaza de la Catedral, we will be able to enjoy the views to the beaches of the city Of Ibiza.

Cala Bassa

Belonging to the municipality of Sant Josep we can find the beach of Cala Bassa about twenty-one kilometres from Ibiza and about eight from Sant Josep.

Cala Conta

Belonging to the municipality of Sant Josep we can find the beaches of Compte or Cala Counts about 24 kilometers from Ibiza and about thirteen from Sant Josep.

Cala Codolar

Belonging to the municipality of Sant Josep we can find the beach of Cala Colodar, which should not be confused with the beach D’es Colodar.