Torre des Savinar. How to get to the tower

Torre des Savinar dominates a coastline with an amazing sunset and magnificent views of Es Vedrá

The Torre Des Savinar is located in the extreme southwest of the island, in the area Known as Punta de Sa Pedrera. We are Talking about a particularly steepcoastal stretch, inaccessible from the sea. To Access this complicated place, we must split the route in two. One we will make it by car, and the other, on a long hike on dirt trails and uphill. There is No road that takes us directly to the place, so we have to opt for two roads. If we come from Ibiza, we will have to take the road towards Sant Josep, and turn left when arriving to the village to take direction to Es Cubells. This Urban Nucleus is located in the first elevations of the coastal terrain. Although the height to the sea is considerable, nothing we are going to meet later. Before arriving at Es Cubells, we will find a deviation to the right that marks a new Destination, Cala D’Hort. It Is on this road where we find the detour to Sa Pedrera. The second option, if we come from the West Coast, takes us through the beaches with the best sunsets. Cala Vadella, Cala Molí, and from here To Cala D’Hort. The next destination is already Es Cubells, and this section is where we will find Sa Pedrera. Once abandoned the road, we found a dirt road whereby we can move during a good piece, although it will eventually disappear to make way for a makeshift parking lot. It’s time out of the car and start walking. It is not recommended to visit this place in the afternoon, especially if you plan to climb the Tower, since the fall of the Sun, the darkness can be absolute.
Torre des Savinar

History of Es Savinar.

The date of completion of the Torre de Es Savinar was fixed in the year thousand seven hundred and sixty three. Built as a tower of vigilance and defense of the island, the Torre de Es Savinar counts, like most towers of the island, with a double plant. The ground floor is destined as always to the magazine, while the upper floor is reserved for the guard of the tower. The Upper part is uncovered, with a small ledge as a tower, and used to defend the door. a conduit communicated this tower with a lower access by which to launch all type of armament, while the defenders were covered by the attackers. Today, its military purpose has been so relegated that the tower is a private property. What has not changed is its views, from which some claim to be able to see the Peninsular coast on the most clear days. Thanks especially to the two hundred meters above sea level to which is located the tower Of Es Savinar.

other places to discover in the surroundings of the Torre des Savinar

Places of cultural interest nearby Torre des Savinar

Yacimiento de ses paises de cala dhort

Site of Ses Païses de Cala d´Hort 2 Km

Twelve Centuries of history rest under the attentive gaze of Es Vedrá.

Iglesia de Es Cubells

Church of Es Cubells 5 Km

At the end of the road leading to the town of Es Cubells, we find the Church of Es Cubells.

font des verger

Font des Verger 9 Km

Font des Verger, is, besides a fountain, a charming place.

Other places to discover in the surroundings of the Torre des Savinar

Is Cubells

Belonging to the municipality of Sant Josep we find the parish of Es Cubells.

San Jose

Sant Josep

Sant Josep de Sa Talaia is a village nestled among mountains, although its extension and economic importance make it a suitable place for both lovers of the countryside and lovers of the sea.

San Agustin

Sant Agustí

Sant Agustí des Vedrà is located between the urban centres of Sant Antoni and Sant Josep, belonging to the latter municipality but with urban areas adjacent to the nucleus of Sant Antoni.

Beaches near the Torre des Savinar

Next to the Plaza de la Catedral, we will be able to enjoy the views to the beaches of the city Of Ibiza.

Cala d'hort

When you get closer to any beach on the island of Ibiza, you check how the vegetation is usually made denser, as the road takes smell of salt and it is perceived that in the next curve we will find a dozen cars parked indicating the end of the road.

Cala Carbo

Cala Carbó is a small cove about fifty meters long by fifty wide, protected by hills surrounded by pine trees.

Cala Vadella

The area of Sant Josep presents relatively distant corners of the capital, and so we can find the beach of Cala Vedella, about twenty kilometers from Ibiza and about nine of the parish of Sant Josep.

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