Es Cubells Tourism Guide

Es Cubells is a secluded corner but with a special charm, with spectacular views

Belonging to the municipality of Sant Josep we find the parish of Es Cubells. Composed of the Fleet bands, Davall sa Serra, Cala d’Hort and Es Cubells, the urban nucleus is just a couple of streets and an EIGHTEENTH century church. The most notable of the area is without a doubt the richness of the landscape shared by the cliffs, the Cap de LLentrisca and the imposing views of Puig des Savinar and Cala d’Hort with ES Vedrá and is Vedranell as a reference point. Es Cubells is located On the south coast, southwest of the island. The only entrance to the village offered direct connection with Sant Josep, although nowadays it is possible to access from neighboring urbanizations. But as today the exclusivity and tranquility has a cost, and in Ibiza even more, its coastlines have been populated by luxury chalets that have given a different air to Es Cubells.

We’ll find in Es Cubells.

This area corresponds to one of the steepest and most pronounced coastlines of the entire island. The composition of the terrain has resulted in very relevant geographical accidents. Inaccessible Points that did not make necessary the presence of fortified churches, because the coast did not allow the access on foot of troops. With such protection, and surrounded by the mountains, was born a small area of plantations without interest to the invaders but noble for farmers. Within walking distance, the Torre des Savinar overLooked the horizon, covering the entire coastline and the entrance of ships from the peninsula. An Impregnable Bastion.

Places of interest in Es Cubells

If you have decided to make a visit by Es Cubells, do not miss these corners

Iglesia de Es Cubells

Church of Es Cubells

At the end of the road leading to the town of Es Cubells, we find the Church of Es Cubells.

Torre des Savinar

Torre des Savinar

The Torre des Savinar is located in the extreme southwest of the island, in the area known as Punta de Sa Pedrera.

Localities close to Es Cubells

San Jose

Sant JOSEP 5 Km

Sant Josep de Sa Talaia is a village nestled among mountains, although its extension and economic importance make it a suitable place for both lovers of the countryside and lovers of the sea.

San Agustin

Sant Agustí 7 Km

Sant Agustí des Vedrà is located between the urban centres of Sant Antoni and Sant Josep, belonging to the latter municipality but with urban areas adjacent to the nucleus of Sant Antoni.

Es Cubells

It Is Cubells To 198 meters

Belonging to the municipality of Sant Josep we can find the beach of Es Cubells, about twenty kilometers from Ibiza and about fifteen of the parish of Sant Josep.

Es Xarcu

Es Xarcu Beach 5 Km

Belonging to the municipality of Sant Josep we can find the beach of Es Xarcu, about thirteen kilometers from Ibiza and nine from Sant Josep.

Cala d'hort

Cala d’Hort 5 Km

When you get closer to any beach on the island of Ibiza, you check how the vegetation is usually made denser, as the road smells of salt and it is perceived that in the next curve we will find a dozen cars parked indicating the end of the road.

Fiestas de Es Cubells

Fiestas de Santa Teresa
15 October

Buses a Es Cubells

Es Cubells-> San José line 42

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