Punic Shrine of Es Cuieram. Sanctuary of the island

The Punic Shrine of Es Cuieram is a mystical place where the Goddess Tanit resides

The Punic Sanctuary Of Es Cuieram, for Some Is Culleram, is located a short Distance From Sant Vicent. We will find a detour on the road that connects this town with The Cala De Sant Vicent. However, as we take the deviation to the sanctuary, we find a dirt road that will delay our march. This would be inconvenient if it weren’t for visiting hours. The Punic Shrine Of Es Cuieram opens its doors only in the mornings, from ten to one noon, except on Mondays that it is closed. To this you have to add the descent to the entrance to the cave, a slope full of stairs.
Santuario punico Es Cuieram

Punic Shrine. Tanit as a symbol.

This Punic sanctuary May be the best studied historical element of Ibiza. What is certain is that it has been the most looted, sometimes unconscious. In fact, before its discovery in 1907, this cave was known As the Cave of surprises, because everyone who entered found some terracotta figurine or decorative element to take home. Its history goes back to the centuries V-II BC. During this last epoch, the goddess Tanit was the main symbol of veneration. Composed of several rooms, the two main served as separate cults in a natural way. Others, smaller, have been artificially created. of the two great halls, one ended by collapsing, fact which is considered as the end and abandonment of The Punic Sanctuary Of Es Cuieram. Numerous pieces with Punic writings have been found and distributed by many museums, but in the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza, we can contemplate abundant statuettes dedicated to the different Phoenician gods of the time.

Other places to discover in the surroundings of the Punic sanctuary of is Cuieram

The Punic sanctuary of is Cuieram is a good place to access places of cultural interest

Iglesia de San Vicente

St. Vincent’s Church 2 Km Away

Speaking of the Church of Sant Vicente, everyone thinks of an urban nucleus built around a main building.

Iglesia de San Carlos

Sant Carles Church 6 Km Away

Located in the urban center of the town of Sant Carles de Peralta, we find the Church of Sant Carles.

Other places to discover in the surroundings of the Sanctuary Punic de Es Cuieram

San Vicente

Sant Vicent

Located to the north of the urban nucleus of Sant Carles and within the municipality of Sant Joan, we find Sant Vincent de sa Cala.

San Carlos

Sant Carles

Located about six kilometers from the nucleus of Santa Eularia is the parish of Sant Carles de Peralta, or San Carlos.

Iglesia de San Juan

Sant Joan

Sant Joan de Labritja is located in the far north of the island, in one of the most unspoilt and unknown areas of the island.

Beaches near the Sanctuary Punic de Es Cuieram

Next to the Plaza de la Catedral, we will be able to enjoy the views to the beaches of the city Of Ibiza.

Cala San Vicente

In The municipality of Sant Joan we can find the beach of Cala San Vicente, more than 30 kilometers from Ibiza and about nine from Sant Joan.

Aguas Blancas

Belonging to the municipality of Santa Eulalia we can find the White Water Beach (Es Paller des Camp) about thirty kilometers from Ibiza and about fifteen kilometers from the parish of Santa Eularia.

Es Figueral

Belonging to the municipality of Santa Eularia we can find the Beach of Es Figueral, about twenty nine kilometers from Ibiza and about fourteen of Santa Eularia.

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