San Miguel Tourism Guide

San Miguel is located to the north, on a hill dominating a wide bay, the port of San Miguel

Sant Miquel is a small village, almost Hamlet, located Halfway Between Sant Joan, municipality to which it belongs, And Sant Antoni. Just arriving, we access the main street that crosses the village. We Can See the Church of Sant Miquel De balancet, which gives rise to the locality. Dating from the 14th and 16th centuries, this fortress protected the entire area from the entrance of pirates through the town’s port, clearly visible. Located on a mound from which you can overlook the whole valley, descends a road with several curves that flows into the main street. Some picturesque houses and several residential buildings make up the rest of the urban nucleus.
San Miguel

Life in Sant Miquel

It Is One of the most quiet and clean areas on the island, with a surprisingly green landscape and an air worth breathing. Its Most outstanding place is the square of the Church of Sant Miquel, from which it is worshipped To Marià Villangómez, illustrious poet and writer. The Beauty and solemnity of the high part reconfigures its shape as we descend. The old brick houses built around the church give us an idea of the winter weather, so north-oriented. And from here we pass to the modern urban constructions that surround so much history.

Places of interest in San Miguel

If you have decided to make a visit to Sant Miquel de Balansat, do not miss these corners

Iglesia de San Miguel

Church of San Miguel

This Church-Fortification dates from the official version of the 17TH century, although many authors date their construction in the 13TH century, based on the foundations of earlier constructions.

Estatua Villangomez

Statue of Marià Villangómez

Marià Villangómez (1913-2002) was one of the most important writers of Ibizan literature.

Torre des Molar

Torre des Molars

Next to the port of Sant Miquel, we find the Torre des Molar, part of the island’s defense project.

Cueva de San Miguel

Caves of Sant Miquel

The Caves of the Port of Sant Miquel are known as the Caves of Can Marçà.

Locations near San Miguel

San Lorenzo

Sant LLorenç 5 Km

Sant Llorenç de Balàfia, or San Lorenzo, is a rural town, with practically no urban nucleus, located in the municipality of Sant Joan.

San Mateo

Sant MATEU 6 Km

When we speak of Sant Mateu, we cannot refer to a people, not even to a village.

Puerto de San Miguel

Puerto de San Miguel At 3 Km

The Port of San Miguel is located in the far north of the island, in the municipality of Sant Joan.

Cala Moltons

Cala Moltens 3 Km

Cala Moltens is a cove to the north of the island, in the municipality of Sant Joan.

Cala Benirras

Cala Benirrás 4 Km

We Can Find the cove of Benirràs in the municipality of Sant Joan, between the towns of Sant Miquel and Sant Joan, taking the road that joins both parishes.

Fiestas de San Miguel

Fiesta Payesa del Pou d’Albarqueta
Patron saint Festivities of Sant Miquel
September 29

Buses to San Miguel

San Mateo-> Sant Miquel line 33

Ibiza-> Port of San Miguel line 25a

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