Sant Joan Tour Guide in Ibiza

Tour Guide of Sant Joan or San Juan

We show You Sant Joan de Balafia, a corner north of the island very quiet and of great charm

Sant Joan De Labritja is located in the far north of the island, in one of the most unspoilt and unknown areas of the island. Historically we can find the bandages of Xarracó, es Niu des Corbs, Portinatx, es Murtar, Xarraca, Cas Vidals, Cas Ripolls, Labritja and Cas Cavallerias.
THE mountainous structure of the municipality and its distance from the center of the capital has led to a rural tourism in an enviable area. Although The city centre does not offer an exit to the coast, the North Zone is offered to places as symbolic as PORTINATX and the almost annexed coves of S’illot des Renclí, Cala Xarraca and Cala Xuclá. The access usually occurs in the south, from Sant Llorenç to about seven kilometres, although it is also feasible starting from Cala Sant Vicent and even, through rural roads, from Sant Miquel.

We will find in Sant Joan

Mountains, nature, cultivation areas, pine forests and a very humid area, even in summer. Its North Orientation favors a thick vegetation. As the first mountainous area, any cloud entrance becomes a fine rain that tries to overcome abundant elevations. Perhaps It is the enchantment of this green, coupled with the distance from the capital, which has frightened the great tourist nuclei. The Sant Joan City Council itself welcomes this unique Mediterranean landscape. In historical tourism, the most important reviews are taken by the Church of Sant Joan, from the eighteenth century, as well as the coastal surveillance Tower of Portinatx, with a unique landscape and almost unspoiled views of a high coast that admits few reconciliations with Beach tourism.
Guia de Turismo de la Isla de Ibiza

Sant Joan, the northern tranquility

A green municipality, full of spectacular beaches and coves, with a very quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

Iglesia de San Juan

Sant Joan Church

The Church of Sant Joan de Labritja was built in the EIGHTEENTH century. Legend Has It that it is built on the estate of Antoni Marí, who donated to the Church his lands to build a chapel in honor of his deceased daughter in a sad accident.

Torre de Portinatx

Torre de Portinatx Ibiza

Located in the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja, next to the well-known Cala Portinatx, we find the Torre de Portinatx, a coastal surveillance tower built in the EIGHTEENTH century.

Other locations within Sant Joan

Sant Joan is a very large municipality that houses small towns of great history within the island.

San Lorenzo

Sant Llorenç

Sant Llorenç or San Lorenzo is a small town in the north of the island. In a very rock area, highlights its charming church.

San Miguel

Sant Miquel

Near the natural port that gives it its name, Sant Miquel or San Miguel was an important point of defense against the pirate attacks.

San Vicente

Sant Vicent de Sa Cala

Lost in the mountains, San Vicente Or Sant Vicent, is represented by a church that houses a large rural area.

Cala den Serra

Cala d’en Serra

A secluded cove to the north of the island, with spectacular views

Cala San Vicente

Cala San Vicente

A very popular cove sheltered in a bay as extensive as beautiful

Puerto de San Miguel

Port de Sant Miquel

A tourist cove that preserves corners of a special charm

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Fiestas in Sant Joan town


  • patron Saint festivities Of Sant Joan June 24
  • Fiesta payesa Del Pou De Labritja July


Bus Lines

Line 20 Eivissa-Sant Joan-Cala de Sant Vicent-Portinatx

Eivissa-Can Mosson-Ca na Smith-Sant Joan-Portinatx-Can Mossonet-Can Vinyes-Eivissa

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Line 21 Santa Eularia-Sant Joan-Portinatx

Santa Eularia-Sant Joan-Portinatx

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Line 27 Sant Miquel-Sant Joan

Sant Miquel-Sant Joan

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