Tour Guide of Santa Inés or Santa Agnés de Corona

Tour Guide of Santa Inés or Santa Agnés de Corona

A small and cozy village, Santa Inés or Santa Agnés de Corona, with spectacular rural landscapes.

Santa Agnés De Corona is a small farmer village located in the westernmost part of the island. This Small town is located in a fertile valley, north of Sant Antoni. By the west it borders with the small population, although much more popular, of Santa Gertrudis. To the north, its land crosses the rustic Sant Mateu, with whom it shares a steep and inaccessible coastline. The Urban center of Santa Agnés, better Known As Santa Inés, is composed of just two streets. The main one that crosses the town, and a secondary road towards the coast, by means of which one accesses the band of Forays. A bandage is a large area of farmland, with peasant houses separated from each other by the extension of Labrío. A fundamental Part of the Ibizan culture, in each of these bandages one could not miss a way of access to drinking water, so scarce in an area without important fluvial resources. Thus we find the Pou (well) of Forat.
Santa Ines

Rural Landscape

Another of the elements that mark the life of the people is their church. Built at the end of the nineteenth century, it stands out for its simplicity and whitewashed walls. But the main attraction of Santa Inés is the month of February. The almond-covered lands see the beginning of flowering with the first rays of spring. A typical stamp of the area, in which the earth is dyed the pink and white color of its flower. A rural landscape will accompany us throughout the voyage, among almond trees, pastures and sheep. And is that Santa Agnés is a place that retains all the Taste of Ibiza of yesteryear, a place to meet and not be found.

Santa Inés, a rural tour

The locality of Santa Inés hosts very interesting places that we show you below.

sa cova des vi

Sa Cova des Vi. Cave Paintings

Located to the north of Sant Antoni, next to the beach of Cala Salada, is Sa Cova des Vi.

Pou des Pla de Corona

Pozo des Plá de Corona

Located one kilometer from Santa Agnés de Corona you will find the Pou or Pozo. It Is One of the best preserved wells.

Iglesia de Santa Ines

Church of Santa Agnes de Corona

At The entrance of the town of Santa Agnés de Corona we find your church. The building ended in the early NINETEENTH century.

Locations near Santa Inés

San Mateo

Sant MATEU 5 Km

When we speak of Sant Mateu, we cannot refer to a people, not even to a village.

Iglesia de San Antonio

Sant Antoni 7 Km

Sant Antoni de Portmany is the closest point of Ibiza to the peninsula.

Iglesia de San Miguel

San Miguel 14 km

A tour of the northern part of the island to the town of San Miguel.

Cala Salada

Salted Creek

There Are places on this island that do not cease to surprise even those who have been enjoying Ibiza for years.

Cala Gracio

Cala Gracio

The access to Cala Gració can be made by walking or in vehicle, for which we will have to locate the roundabout located in the highest part of the urban center, to which we can arrive following the indications to the center of Health.

Cala Gracioneta

Cala Gracioneta

The Beach of Cala Gracióneta belongs to the municipality of Sant Antoni and is almost within the nucleus spa.

Fiestas en Santa Inés

Patron Saint Festivities of Santa Agnés de Corona
January 21

Bus Lines to Santa Inés

Bus San Antonio-Santa Inés-Ibiza, line 30