Santa Inés underground Chapel. Millenary legend

The subterranean chapel of Santa Inés is an ancient cave used as a place of worship by various religions.

One of the most difficult architectural elements to visit is the subterranean Chapel of Santa Agnés. More than anything because the timetable seems to be done by a part-time official, so he plays early to visit. The location is a bit strange, because where we expect to see a cave, we find a medieval-looking building, converted into a restaurant. to reach it, we must take the road around Sant Antoni by the furthest partof the sea. We can take the roundabout as a reference and look at the indication to the right of the road.
capilla subterranea de santa ines

What to find in the chapel of Santa Inés

I’ve only seen two sundials in Ibiza, and one of them is in this building. You can park in the restaurant and follow the walking tour or you can play the bass of the car and park following the signs on a plain in front of the cave. A half-stone fence, half of bars separates us from an entrance dug into the rock and giving access to the chapel. The local legend tells us that the image of the saint appeared mysteriously in the cave, and that whenever they tried his transfer he ended up returning to the cave without any apparent explanation. History tells us that the cave was used as a hiding place in naval incursions and probably in the Christian persecutions of the first centuries after Christ. Muslim remains have been found that have been preserved along with the 17th century chapel.

Other places to visit in the surroundings of the underground chapel of Santa Inés

Take advantage of your visit to the underground chapel of Santa Inés

Iglesia de San Antonio

Sant Antoni Church at 1241 meters

It is located a few meters from the port, being able to access it from the promenade to the entrance of the village.

moli d'en simo

Molino D´en Simó at 1332 meters

Located in the city centre of Sant Antoni, you will find Molí d’en Simó.

sa cova des vi

Sa Cova des VI at 4 Km

Located to the north of Sant Antoni, next to the beach of Cala Salada, is Sa Cova des VI.

Other places to discover in the surroundings of the subterranean chapel of Santa Inés

Iglesia de San Antonio

Sant Antoni

Sant Antoni de Portmany is the closest point of Ibiza to the peninsula.

San Agustin

Sant Agustí 6 Km

Sant Agustí des Vedrà is located between the urban centres of Sant Antoni and Sant Josep, belonging to the latter municipality but with urban areas adjacent to the nucleus of Sant Antoni.

Santa Ines

Santa Inés 6 Km

Santa Agnés de Corona is a small farmer village located in the westernmost part of the island.

Beaches near the Santa Inés Chapel

Next to the Plaza de la Catedral, we will be able to enjoy the views to the beaches of the city of Ibiza.

Caló des Moro

Caló des Moro Beach, in Sant Antoni, is one of those places where if we stick to the definition of beach, we can say that indeed, it is a beach.


The beach of Ses Figueretes, or Playa de Figueretas is located in the urban nucleus of Ibiza.

Cala Gracio

One of the best urban beaches we can enjoy is located on Talamanca Beach.

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