An amazing garden. Broll de Buscastell

A unique landscape in Ibiza for its beauty and vegetation: Broll de Buscastell

It Could be considered as one of the largest wetlands we can find in Ibiza. Es Broll De Buscastell is formed by a small spring of water that springs from among mountains, and leaves, through a system of ditches, a green and humid valley. A real explosion of nature hard to find. Arriving At Es Broll De Buscastell is not task easyL. To find it, the first thing is Not to get carried away by THE GPS. Access through the West area is closed even though our browser indicates otherwise. That Said, the only access to the public is found on the road from Santa Agnes to Sant Mateu. An indication to the south will allow us to reach the valley comfortably.
Broll de Buscastell

Finding the spring of Buscastell.

Taking the map, the GPS and the coordinates, we can get to the valley. But The road is only the beginning of the tour. If We continue at each stop we hear the sound of the water moving from one ditch to another. We cross the whole valley and different irrigation systems cross the water to the side of the road. along the way, water mills, improvised fountains and small waterfalls improvised by the slope. Back to our starting point, we found a valley covered with sown and, in some uncultivated stretches, very tall grass with curious drawings made by the passage of small animals. At the point marked on the map, a trail in bad shape leads us to a pocket without apparent utility. At his side, between Brambles, the spring that bathes the valley is born. It Is Broll De Buscastell, a true green paradise.

Other places to discover in the surroundings of Broll de Buscastell

Places of cultural interest which you can visit from Broll de Buscastell

Iglesia de San Mateo

Sant Mateu Ibiza Church 2 Km Away

In the eighteenth century, Bishop Abad and the Sierra began building churches on strategically chosen points of the island, so that parishioners would minimize their displacement, favoring popular fervor.

Pou de Forada

Pou de Forat At 3 Km

Pou de Forat, or Pozo de Forat, is located in a strategic point of the region.

Iglesia de Santa Ines

St Agnes Church 4 Km Away

At The entrance of the town of Santa Agnés de Corona we find your church.

Other places to discover in the surroundings of Broll de Buscastell

San Mateo

Sant MATEU 3 Km

When we speak of Sant Mateu, we cannot refer to a people, not even to a village.

Santa Ines

Santa Inés 4 Km

Santa Agnés de Corona is a small farmer village located in the westernmost part of the island.

San Rafael

Sant Rafael 8 Km

Sant Rafael de sa Creu is a population that, still belonging to the municipality of Sant Antoni, has a close relationship with Ibiza, of which it is a few kilometres away.

Beaches close to Broll de Buscastell

Next to the Plaza de la Catedral, we will be able to enjoy the views to the beaches of the city Of Ibiza.

Cala Salada

There Are places on this island that do not cease to surprise even those who have been enjoying Ibiza for years.


The Beach of Sant Antoni, also known as S’Arenal Beach, belongs to the municipality of Sant Antoni and are located next to the same port of Sant Antoni.

Caló des Moro

Caló des Moro Beach, in Sant Antoni, is one of those places where if we stick to the definition of beach, we can say that indeed, it is a beach.

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