Ibiza City Tour Guide

Tour Guide of Eivissa or Ibiza City

We discovered the city of Eivissa, or Ibiza, making a tour of the most interesting corners and you can not miss your visit to the city.

tourism In Ibiza came from the hand of the Sun, the party and the beach. There Are countless beaches and coves Of Ibiza, some only accessible by boat, which make up the entire expanse of the maritime coastline. The first wave of tourists came with the intention of enjoying a paradise In the Mediterranean. At the same time they arrived, they found a place to live and express freely, a world where singing to freedom and nature. It Was The beginning of another Tourist Ibiza. The old terraces, meeting places of the hippy world, became the biggest nightlife centres in the world, to the point of marking the beginnings and end of the tourist season. But when the seasons began to shorten, to have greater competition in and outside Europe, the tourist revenues ceased to be sufficient, and, thanks to this, we began to discover a treasure that without being hidden, was forgotten. New possibilities were opened in Ibiza. Cultural Tourism , who would say so. And The most incredible thing, is that the wealth of the island had to be assigned to humanity, so that, for the first time in its long history, acquire the value it deserved.

Visiting the city of Ibiza

When you arrive to Ibiza, whether by sea, land or air, the tourist gets the stamp of the enormous walled fortification that dominates the horizon. Dalt Vila, the beginning of a tour of the medieval period, stands omnipresent on the main valley of the city. The Best preserved Acropolis of the Mediterranean, offers us a unique route that begins at the door of Ses Taules and ends at the foot of the Cathedral.
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Treasures of Ibiza City

On the way, scenarios that have been around the world stamped on eternal postcards. The courtyard of arms, the six bastions of the wall, with its spectacular views. The Chapels of Saint Ciríaco or the church of Santo Domingo have been places of pilgrimage for the feeling of a people who have managed to preserve their most unique traditions. The Buildings of the Archaeological Museum Or Medina Yabisa, erected on the oldest Arab walls, are a Clear Example of how Ibiza city has survived the time. At the end of our journey through the middle ages, we travel a little further back in time. The necropolis Punic Puig des Molins, which also had to declare world heritage site to take it into consideration opens a door to the past, with the Museum as a leading exponent of his discovery. Overwhelming at least the visiting graves of perhaps, some ancestor. To leave historical tourism, visit to the Plaza of the Park is obliged as a meeting point for the most current inspiration in Ibiza city. Quiet terraces that relieve summer heat or shelter from the cold winter. Next to it, the paseo de Vara de Rey pays tribute to the village, with its many events and celebrations. Not there is nothing else in the city. Well, something that we have to. Our own soul of tourists, and the nightlife of the port. Because since we’re here, to see a smile of any nationality to leave the parade, is the best advertising that can be an tourist Ibiza .

Ibiza, World Heritage

the most important route of Ibiza is probably within its historic aka to Dalt Vila. Now we will help you to explore it.

murallas de Ibiza

The Walls Of Dalt Vila

Walk through the ramparts of the walled City and enjoy some really amazing views. A walk through history with a unique perspective.

Catedral de Ibiza

Ibiza Cathedral

Crowning the city, we find the profile of the cathedral on the horizon. An emblematic image that becomes a special color in the holidays.

Baluarte San Pere

Bastion of Sant Pere

Among the most popular corners of the wall we find this small defensive bastion that today hosts numerous cultural events.

Museo Arqueologico

Archaeological Museum

A Museum that introduces us to history and also inside the walls itself, where we will discover the most incredible treasures.

Iglesia del Convento

Convent Church

Since its remodeling after the destruction by an explosion of the gunpowder magazine, this church has been prison, school and hospital.

Monasterio San Cristofol

Monastery of Sant Cristofol

The nuns who inhabit this convent are famous for their traditional sweets and artisans. A pleasure for the taste.

Museo Puig des Molins

Puig Des Molins Museum

Located on Phoenician and Punic remains, this museum allows us to take a tour of the Necropolis to which it owes its name.

Museo Puget

Puget Museum

An artistic visit to Ibiza in the NINETEENTH and TWENTIETH centuries. A museum of private scope in a spectacular building.

Madina Yabisa

Madina Yabisa

An Audiovisual tour through the history of the island, with interesting information about the History Of Dalt Vila.

Iglesias de Ibiza

Churches of Ibiza

A tour of the churches of the island, from the smallest and cozy to the great fortifications.

Museo Arte Contemporaneo

Museum of Contemporary Art

Relocated in the upper part of the city, this museum hosts temporary exhibitions and permanent collections.



A spectacular beach very frequented in summer and winter. Its seafaring environment and its natural enclave are its secret.



The most Urban beach In Ibiza, widely known and a perfect place to enjoy the sea and the city.

Playa d'en Bossa

Playa d’en Bossa

A beach for two municipalities with very different environments . Discover the most familiar in the area of Ibiza.

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Fiestas in Eivissa City


  • New Year’S concert Can Breezy January
  • Carnival Isidor Macabich-Avda Espanya February
  • Easter Procession Dalt Vila March
  • Salt Route Regatta Marina Botafoch March
  • Plaça d’Art (Ibiza Handicraft Fair) Walking Rod of King March
  • Book Day April 23
  • Medieval Eivissa Dalt Vila Mayo
  • Poetic Recital June Town Hall Cloister
  • Noche De San Juan (bonfires) Distributed by Eivissa June 23
  • Virgen Del Carmen La Marina and Puerto Julio
  • International Jazz Competition Reina Sofía Park
  • Estiu Jove July Fairgrounds
  • Earth Festivals Santa María August 5
  • Earth Festivals Sant Salvador August 6
  • Earth Festivals Sant Ciriac August 8
  • Andalusian Fair September Fairgrounds
  • Elektrozine Shorts Contest Can Windy Cultural Center September
  • Adlib Fashion Contest September
  • Home By Ferro October
  • Quadriathlón International October
  • Urban Mile International Illa D’Eivissa October
  • Can Windy Theater Sample Can Windy October
  • Trade Show Fairgrounds November
  • anti-Cancer party Fairgrounds November
  • Santa Cecilia Concert Can Windy November
  • San Esteve. Flea Market and Christmas Parties Walk Rod Of King December 26th


Bus Lines

Line 3 Eivissa-Sant Rafel-Sant Antoni

Municipal Police-Ses Païses-Can Guillemo-S ´ Olivera-Sa Box-Hotel Cooperative-Can Begot-Can pertone-Sant Rafel-Club Sant Rafel

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Line 8 Eivissa-Sant Josep-Sant Antoni

Eivissa-Cases Baraes-Can Bellotera-Cova Santa-Sant Josep-Sant Agustí-Sant Antoni

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Line 10 Eivissa-Sant Jordi-Aeroport

I. Macabich-C. Del País Valencià-Cases Barats-Rotonda Platja d´en Bossa-Can Fomis-Avidesa/Camy-Aeroport-La Ponderosa-S ´ Olivera-Sant Jordi-Can Code-R. Figueretes-Av. Espanya-Vara de Rey-Port-Estació Marítima de Formentera-Av.de Bartolomé Roselló-Eivissa

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Line 10 B Eivissa-Platja d´en Bossa-Aeroport

Eivissa (Isidoro Macabich)-C. del País Valencià-Can Fomis-Avidessa/Camy-Aeroport-La Ponderosa-S ´ Olivera-Smooth-H. Bahamas-H. Don Toni-Es Daus-Bar Xumeu-H. Algarb-H. Mare Nostrum-H. Goleta-Maacosta-Rotunda Ses Figueretes-Av. Espanya-Vara de Rey-Port-Estació Marí

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Line 11 Eivissa-Sant Jordi-Ses Salines

Eivissa-Avinguda Espanya-Can Sifre-Sant Jordi-Can Tixedor-Sant Francesc-Ses Salines-Sa Box-Illa Blanca-Creuament Platja Den Bossa-Cases Barats-Avinguda Isidor Macabich-Eivissa

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Line 12 A (circular)-Eivissa-Puig d’en Valls-Jesús-Eivissa

Isidor Macabich-Port-Club Naútic-Rotonda-Pacha-Av. 8dÁgost-Marina Botafoc-H. Playa Real-H. Victoria-Ses Torres Baixes-Jesus (Ses Pitreres)-Jesus (Arguimbau)-Jesus (S´església)-The Nursery of Jesus-Furniture Factory-Puig d´en Valls (Can Cistern)-Puig D ´ In Valls (C

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Line 12 B (circular)-Eivissa-Jesús-Puig den Valls-Eivissa

Isidor Macabich-Port-Club Naútic-Rotonda-Pacha-Av. 8 d´Agost-H. Playa Real-H. Victoria-Cap Martinet-H. Victories-Ses Torres Baixes-Jesus (Ses Pitreres)-Jesus (Arguimbau)-Jesus (S´església)-The Nursery of Jesus-Furniture Factory-Puig d´en Valls (Can Cistern)-Puig

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Line 13 Eivissa-Santa Eularia

Santa Eularia-Can Marça-Ca na Negreta-Eivissa-Instituto Santa Maria-Can Xiquet Pou-Can Mosson-Santa Eularia

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Line 14 Eivissa-Can Misses-Platja den Bossa

Eivissa (Isidor Macabich)-Can Misses Hospital-Can Misses (Swimming Pool)-Av. d´Ignaci Wallis-Instituto Santa Maria-Eivissa (Isidoro Macabich)-Mc. Donals-Centre de Salut Es Viver-H. Club Palladium (Club Med)-H. Bahamas-H. Don Toni-Es Daus-

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Line 15 Eivissa-Jesús-Cala Llonga

Eivissa-Jesús-Roca Llisa-Cala Llonga-Sa Encumbered-Can Fornet-Ses Pitreres-Eivissa

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Line 20 Eivissa-Sant Joan-Cala de Sant Vicent-Portinatx

Eivissa-Can Mosson-Ca na Smith-Sant Joan-Portinatx-Can Mossonet-Can Vinyes-Eivissa

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Line 25 Eivissa-Santa Gertrudis-Sant Miquel

Eivissa-Santa Gertrudis-Sant Miquel

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Line 26 Eivissa-Sant Josep-Cala Vedella

Eivissa-Sant Jordi-Cova Santa-Cova Santa-Can Pep Xica-Can Verger-Cala Vedella-Sant Josep-Can Puvil-La Ponderosa-Cases Barats

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Line 30 Eivissa-Santa Agnès-Sant Antoni-Santa Agnès

Eivissa-Taller Torres-Cruïlla Cor de Jesus-Es Puig-Hipòdrom-Can Mosson-Bassa Roja-Ses Marrades-Santa Agnès-Cas Ferrer-Can Tixedó-Ca n´Agustí-Sant Rafel-S ´ Hort Nou-Creu d´en Marge-Torrent-Fusteria-Eivissa

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Line 33 Eivissa-Sant MATEU

Ibiza-Sant Mateu

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Line 35 Eivissa-Can Misses-Sa maroca-Sant Jordi

Eivissa-H. Can Misses-Can Pereira-Can Fita (Preso)-Can Manyà-Bar Sa Rocato-Can Bellotera-Can Sord-Botiga Can Ribas-S. Jordi (Plaça de S. Josep-Super Sa Compra-Can Guerxo-Can Noguera-Es Torrent-Country Club-Ca na Perica-Can Sifre-Bar Isidro-Pou de Cas Mut

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Line 38 Eivissa-Sant Josep-Cala Tarida

Eivissa-Cases Baraes-Can Manyà-Can Puvil-Sant Josep-S ´ Partar-Tarida Beach-Cala Tarida-La Sirena-Tarida Playa-Can Verger-Can Pep Xica-Cova Santa-Can Bellotera-Av. d´Espanya-Eivissa

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Line 42 Eivissa-Platja d´en Bossa-Sant Josep-Es Cubells

Eivissa-Platja d´en Bossa-Sant Josep-Es Cubells

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Line 45 Vara de Rey-Dalt Vila-Avda. August 8-Ca n´Escandell-Cas Serres

Eivisssa-Port-Dalt Vila-Vara de Rey-Av. d´Espanya (Delta Discos)-Av. d´Espanya (Red Cross)-Cas Serres (Auditori)-Cas Serres (Colegio)-Cases Baraes-Ca n´Escandell-Multiplex Cinemas-Can Misses-Eivissa

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