Caló de S'alga. A difficult to find corner but beautiful and quiet.

Caló de S' seaweed is a small beach in Santa Eulalia, within its municipality, but that there is that accessed through alleys.

Calo de s'alga

a curious beach that can be found in the estate of Siesta, Santa Eulalia del Río. With access by car difficult, by the maze of streets in forbidden direction, Caló de S’Alga is situated at the end of the estate. It is not a beach very known, for what you will not find many people. Observe these instructions. Turn on the road from Santa Eulalia to NAP. Don’t leave the road until you find the second to last street on the left, before the road is stone on the right. Down towards the beach, and, when you pass a curve to the left, you will find a small path on the right with a steep slope. It is the only way to get there by car. If you are on foot, we do not recommend you access with carts or people with reduced mobility.

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Between the urban and the natural

Caló de S’alga beach, also known as Racó de S’alga, is about a hundred meters long for about twenty wide. The literal translation indicates the cove, or corner, of the algae. And these abound in the underwater landscape. On the right side, we find a jetty marking the end of the bathing area. After him the coast rises a little, but not too much, giving rise to curious rock formations. This, together with the seabed, make it very conducive to surface diving. The opposite side of the beach is finished in a somewhat curious way. The concrete has created a real pier in which to embark and even to dock some small boat. Denatures a little Caló de S’Alga but it can be very useful for those who do not like the sand.

Bus lines to Caló de S'alga

There are no buses arriving at Caló de S´Alga so we recommend you to drive to this beach. You can find offers in our car rental search engine in Ibiza

Other beaches near Caló de S'alga

Santa Eularia or Riomar River Beach at 478 meters

There are places on this island that go unnoticed by the mere fact of being a source beyond.

Santa Eularia Beach at 1055 meters

One of the main attractions offered by Santa Eulalia is, without a doubt, the urban beach that runs parallel to the coast, between the Santa Eularia River and the marina.

cala llonga

Cala Llonga 3 Km

The beach of Cala Llonga is located about twelve kilometres from the city of Ibiza and about six kilometres from Santa Eulalia.

Pont Vell

Pont Vell at 997 meters

Pont Vell is located at the entrance of Santa Eularia des Riu, next to the new bridge that gives access to the town.

Museo Etnologico

Ethnological Museum at 1062 meters

Within the nucleus of Puig de Missa we can visit the Ethnological Museum of Can Ros.

Museo Barrau

Museo Barrau A 1084

In the heart of Puig de Missa, in a privileged place, in front of the church door, you will find the House-museum dedicated to Barcelona’s Laureà Barrau i Buñol.

locations in and around Caló de S'alga

Sa creu den Ribes

Santa Eularia

The human presence in this municipality has been established in the prehistoric era

San Carlos

Sant Carles 8 Km

Located about six kilometers from the nucleus of Santa Eularia is the parish of Sant Carles de Peralta, or San Carlos.

San Lorenzo

Sant LLorenç 9 Km

Sant Llorenç de Balàfia, or San Lorenzo, is a rural population, with practically no urban nucleus, located in the municipality of Sant Joan.

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