Cala Molí beach, infinite tranquility

The beach of Cala Molí is perfect to enjoy a quiet and relaxed bath

cala moli

Belonging to the municipality of Sant Josep can find the beach of Cala MOLÍ, about twenty-three kilometers from Ibiza and about ten of the parish of Sant Josep. Access is by road, either by car or by bike. To reach this Beach we can get well from Cala Vadella or from Cala Tarida, following the signs.

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We will find in Cala Molí

This cove is quite small and very closed, surrounded by pines and weeds that reach the sand of the beach. The Beach is about seventy meters long by about thirty meters wide. The sand is quite thick, dotting the area pebbles and rocks, mainly due to the low action of the waves.

Cala Molí Beach

The seabed is sandy in some sectors, with boulders, while in other areas predominate rocks and vegetation, presented a perfect habitat for the enjoyment of surface diving. The slope of the seabed is soft, being able to reach the thirty meters without problems so that the water does not cover us. The cove is quite protected, so the winds do not usually have a special relevance, although it is true that when blowing, they do it towards the sea. It has the basic services of the Ibiza beaches and beautiful views of the islet of S’Espartar.

Bus lines to Cala Molí beach

There are no buses arriving to Cala Molí so we recommend you drive to this beach. You can find offers in our cheap car rental search engine in Ibiza

Other beaches near Cala Moli Beach

Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida at 1113 meters

Belonging to the municipality of Sant Josep we can find the beach of Cala Tarida about nineteen kilometers from Ibiza and about six of Sant Josep.

Cala Vadella

Cala Vadella 2 Km

The area of Sant Josep presents relatively distant corners of the capital, and so we can find the beach of Cala Vedella, about twenty kilometers from Ibiza and about nine of the parish of Sant Josep.

Cala Codolar

Cala Codollar 2 Km

Belonging to the municipality of Sant Josep we can find the beach of Cala Colodar, which must not be confused with the beach D’es Colodar.

Yacimiento de ses paises de cala dhort

Site of Ses Païses de Cala d´Hort 4 Km

Twelve centuries of history rest under the attentive gaze of Es Vedrá.

Torre de Comte

Torre de Comte 5 Km

The Torre de Comte, whose date of creation dates back to 1763, although it was approved seven years earlier, was used as a watchtower and defense of the coast of Sant Antoni.

Capella d'en Beia

Capella D´en Beia 6 Km away

Located at the foot of the road, one kilometer from Sant Agustí, we find the Capella d’en Beia.

locations in the vicinity of Playa de Cala Molí

Es Cubells

Es Cubells 7 Km

Belonging to the municipality of Sant Josep we find the parish of Es Cubells.

San Agustin

Sant Agustí 7 Km

Sant Agustí des Vedrà is located between the urban centres of Sant Antoni and Sant Josep, belonging to the latter municipality but with urban areas adjacent to the nucleus of Sant Antoni.

San Jose

Sant JOSEP 7 Km

Sant Josep de Sa Talaia is a village nestled among mountains, although its extension and economic importance make it a suitable place for both lovers of the countryside and lovers of the sea.


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