Cala D'en Serra Beach, an earthly paradise

The beach of Cala D'en Serra is hidden among pine forests in the north of Ibiza

Cala den Serra

In the municipality of Sant Joan can find the beach of Cala d’ Serra, about thirty kilometres from Ibiza and five of the parish of San Joan. If we enter the area of Portinatx, we arrive at a well signposted detour of highway in which we will access a dirt road. You can also access from Sant Joan taking the Highway North. As in all the beaches of the municipality, the use of the car due to imbalances presenting the road is recommended. The Cove is formed by an arm of sea that penetrates into the Earth surrounded by steep areas and ends gently in a small plain.

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You will find in Cala d’en Serra

The Cove is formed by a sea arm that penetrates the land surrounded by steep areas and ends gently on a small plain. The beach is small, about fifty meters wide by about thirty long, where they alternate areas of thick sand and boulders, typical of very soft sea currents. Once you enter the water we will discover that the area is quite rocky, with a proliferating marine vegetation, dotted with some sand banks. Under these conditions the seabed becomes spectacular, being a recommended area for the beginners in surface diving. The conditions for bathing are also quite good, as the height of the floor does not cover several metres. The wind blows from the sea to the ground, although it always does with low intensity due to the steep configuration of the cove. Take special care in this area if you want to hike, as there are plenty of cliffs. Without a doubt, it is the most Virgin place on the island.

There are no buses arriving to Cala D´en Serra so we recommend you to drive to this beach. You can find bargains in our search of rental cars in Ibiza Airport

Other beaches close to Cala d'en Serra

Cala Portinatx

Cala Portinatx 2 Km

In the municipality of Sant Joan we can find the beach of Cala Portinatx, more than 30 kilometers from Ibiza and about nine from Sant Joan.

Cala Xucla

Cala Xuclà 3 Km

We can find the beach of Cala Xuclà in the municipality of Sant Joan.

s'illot des renclí

S´Illot Des Renclí at 4 Km

In the municipality of Sant Joan we can find S’illot Des Renclí about thirty kilometres from Ibiza and six from the parish of Sant Joan.

Torre de Portinatx

Torre de Portinatx 3 Km

Located in the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja, next to the well-known Cala Portinatx, we find the Torre de Portinatx, a coastal surveillance tower built in the eighteenth century.

Iglesia de San Vicente

Church of San Vicente at 4 Km

Speaking of the Church of Sant Vicente, everyone thinks of an urban nucleus built around a main building.

Iglesia de San Juan

Sant Joan Church at 4 Km

The Church of Sant Joan de Labritja was built in the eighteenth century.

locations in and around Cala D'en Serra

conjunto rural balafia

Sant Joan at 4 Km

Sant Joan de Labritja is located in the far north of the island, in one of the most unspoilt and unknown areas of the island.

San Vicente

Sant Vicent 7 Km

Located to the north of the urban nucleus of Sant Carles and within the municipality of Sant Joan, we find Sant Vincent de sa Cala.

San Carlos

Sant Carles 9 Km

Located about six kilometers from the nucleus of Santa Eularia is the parish of Sant Carles de Peralta, or San Carlos.

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