Cala Carbó Beach in Ibiza

Cala Carbó beach, a protected Sea cove

Cala Carbó Beach is a perfect place to enjoy the tranquility

Cala Carbo

Cala Carbó is a small Cove about fifty meters long by fifty wide, protected by hills surrounded by pine trees. Located in the municipality of Sant Josep, you can access it either by road or by boat. If we take the road to Sant Josep direction Cala Vadella We will have to turn a little after the crossing that indicates cala D’Hort on the left. This access is well signposted.

What to do in Cala Carbó

There are a couple of restaurants in the area, the Balneario Cala Carbó and Can Vicent. In them we can enjoy mainly fresh fish, a variety of rice dishes and especially the typical dish “Peix stew”, a fish stew that will delight any diner, although the fish is not one of their predilections.

If you want to enjoy even more of the area there are some small apartments for rent where you can live away from urban areas.

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Description of Cala Carbó

Once on the beach we can find a thick sand and pebbles located in shallow waters. It occupies about sixty meters where the parasols are grouped in two rows in front of the sea. At the end we found a small bar. The left coastal stretch rises abruptly giving rise to a steep coastline that envelops the cove. In the right stretch there are a couple of piers occupying the most protected area of Cala Carbó. The closed aspect of Cala Carbó causes the waves to be scarce almost every day of the year. It is a very quiet area, in which we can relax as there is a scarce influx of public. We will only be accompanied by the cicadas and the noise of the sea.

Bus lines to Cala Carbó beach

There are no buses arriving to Cala Carbó so we recommend you drive up to this beach. You can find offers in our cheap car rental search engine in Ibiza

Other beaches near Cala Carbó Beach

Cala d'hort

Cala D’Hort at 1120 meters

When you get closer to any beach on the island of Ibiza, you check how the vegetation is usually made denser, as the road takes smell of salt and it is perceived that in the next curve we will find a dozen cars parked indicating the end of the road.

Cala Vadella

Cala Vadella 2 Km

The area of Sant Josep presents relatively distant corners of the capital, and so we can find the beach of Cala Vedella, about twenty kilometers from Ibiza and about nine of the parish of Sant Josep.

cala moli

Cala Molí 4 Km

Belonging to the municipality of Sant Josep we can find the beach of Cala Molí, about twenty-three kilometers from Ibiza and about ten of the parish of Sant Josep.

Yacimiento de ses paises de cala dhort

Site of Ses Païses de Cala d´Hort 2 Km

Twelve centuries of history rest under the attentive gaze of Es Vedrá.

Torre des Savinar

Torre des Savinar 3 Km

The Torre des Savinar is located in the extreme southwest of the island, in the area known as Punta de Sa Pedrera.

Iglesia de Es Cubells

Church of Es Cubells 6 Km away

At the end of the road leading to the town of Es Cubells, we find the Church of Es Cubells.

locations in and around Cala Carbó Beach

San Jordi

Sant Jordi at 1427 meters

Sant Jordi de Ses Salines is one of the most industrialized parishes of the island.

San Francisco

Sant Francesc 2 Km

Sant Francesc de S’Estany is a small town at the exit of Sant Jordi de ses salines and obligatory place to pass for the beach of SES salines and es cavalleria.

Catedral de Ibiza

Ibiza at 4 Km

Tourism in Ibiza came from the hand of the Sun, the party and the beach.