Cala Benirrás Beach in Ibiza

Beach of Cala Benirrás, the beach of the drums

Cala Benirrás Beach is famous for its sunset drum parties

Cala Benirras

We can find the Cove of Benirràs in the municipality of Sant Joan, between the towns of Sant Miquel and Sant Joan, taking the road that joins both parishes. The ideal is the access by car, especially considering that the distance to Ibiza is about 25 km and 9 km from Sant Joan, and that road presents steep slopes, just within reach of cyclists. In keeping with the geography of the municipality, the cala benirras is enclosed between mountainous areas with abundant Mediterranean vegetation. It is a beautiful place where you can enjoy trails always taking care to not lose sight of the Cove. In times of rain, we can enjoy a torrent that flows into the beach. Keep in mind that the seabed conditions are altered in the areas of the stream.

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We will find in Cala Benirrás

The beach has a length of about 140mm. and a width of approximately 30m. With presence with Sands that were formed by the action of boulders. These pebbles are also present in the seabed, with a profusion of rocks that give shelter to the Mediterranean marine fauna. The entrance to the sea has a strong slope at the beginning, but then it stabilizes for about 20 m. The beach in any case, is marked for safety of the swimmers. The wind barely lets notice thanks to the mountains that surround the cove, and when it does act of presence are usually quite loose. Although it is not declared nudist beach, it is common to practice nudism on the trails that lead to the beach. There is an islet in the sea that produces a very peculiar view of the horizon. In the afternoon you can enjoy the legendary drums of Benirràs where the hippy culture full of tribal rhythms every corner of the beach. In the aspect of the services, you have the basic services to spend a perfect day at the beach.

After the fire

The photographs that accompany this page are taken after the fire that swept the area. Today, Cala Benirrás is still visited by bathers, and people, even less, listen to the drums at dusk. The air becomes a little melancholy when you look up over the hills that have changed the lush green through a scorched landscape in many of its areas. Although the terrain has been cleaned, the images of the entrance to the cove are bleak, where the fire caused much more havoc. Still, the cove of Benirrás still maintains its charm.

  • Bus Ibiza-> Benirrás, line 23
  • Bus San Antonio-> Benirrás beach, line 23a
  • Bus Santa Eulalia-> Benirrás beach, 23b line
  • Bus Portinatx-> San Juan Playa de Benirrás, 23c line
  • Bus Benirrás-> Benirrás beach, 23P line

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locations in the vicinity of Playa de Cala Benirrás

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