Yachts of luxury in Ibiza 2011

Yates de lujo en Ibiza

Yachts of luxury in Ibiza 2011

Again we pass through the port of Ibiza to get some cool, enjoy the summer atmosphere and of course, go to the main mooring port to contemplate with envy, sometimes sound, the large luxury boats arriving each summer in Ibiza.

The finest luxury yachts in Ibiza 2011

Among the most outstanding vessels we find Medusa, a yacht’s luxurious Dubai flag with about sixty meters of length and four plants. A boat of rental of it more charming.

Another of the big highlights was the yacht “Why Worry”. We don’t know if the name of the yacht is a tribute to the Dire Straits song, but if you have a length of 31 meters and spectacular lines. Actually is is of a boat of the year 2002 made by Maiora capable of sailing to a speed of cruise of twenty-seven knots.

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The only boat with Spanish flag that we found was the Centium yacht. Manufactured in 2006 and based in Valencia, its price is around ten million euros. 40 meters in length and a luxurious interior accompany a yacht with a cruising speed of 11 knots.

The Harboor Moon, with flag of GeorgeTown, accompanied this list of superyachts. With forty and three meters of length and capacity for ten guests installed comfortably, the Harboor Moon has a speed of cruise’s fifteen knots.

Along with this boat, a neighbor of great elegance and same flag. The Mirage reaches a length of fifty-three metres. Built in 2007, this yacht is capable of achieving them fifteen knots and half, although its speed of cruise is of thirteen knots. Accommodating up to twelve guests, the necessary crew for this boat is eleven people.

Apoise, the best of the yachts de-luxe in Ibiza 2011

yates de lujo en ibiza 11While contemplated this boat had her enormous fortune of see get to port the star of the mooring. With many curious handheld camera appeared Apoise from the Cayman Islands. This is not a super luxury yacht, this is the following. Sixty-seven meters of length and can accommodate twelve guests. Need a crew of nineteen people to navigate and its surface total come to be some four hundred meters square. With five plants and all what is may need, deserves the penalty give a look to the inside. A floating mansion.

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