hostal villa sol naciente 1 reverva

Villa Sol Naciente 1, opinions and reservation

Villa Sol Naciente 1 is located in the area of Es Cubells.

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Located in , ,

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Hostal Villa Sol Naciente 1 reverva

Common services at Villa Sol Naciente 1


    Swimming pool and wellness


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    Available rooms at Villa Sol Naciente 1

    0. Maximum 4 person (s)

    • Bathroom with shower
    • Bathroom with bathtub
    • Television available
    • Climate control / air conditioning
    • Equipped with a refrigerator
    • Equipped with Dvd Player
    • With toilet included
    • Equipped with microwave
    • Dishwasher available
    • It has patio
    • Enabled bathroom
    • Satellite channels are available
    • Equipped with kitchen
    • Equipped with a fireplace
    • It has additional toilet
    • Room with a view
    • Oven has
    • It has BBQ
    • It has additional bathroom
    • Room with terrace

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