Tourism in Santa Eulalia Ibiza

Ibiza Turismo en Santa Eulalia

When one is accustomed to the bustle of the city of Ibiza and arrive to Santa Eulalia, you start to get the feeling of life and time to run to another rhythm. What were rush becomes an almost absolute tranquility. Without so much nightclub or room, the one that invites the urban core is to walk through the streets, drink in a bar ride and breathe fresh air.
But if you have the restless mind, or just want to see one of the most beautiful views Ibiza holds, grab the camera and follow the route as centuries of history they have prepared for him.

Puig de Missa

Let’s climb Puig de Missa, one of the most revered Ibiza tourism references. The fortified church is located at the top overlooking Santa Eulalia. To access take the main road of the village, a few hundred metres from the main entrance of traffic coming from Ibiza. The first interesting point that we find is the Museum of Ethnography. Keep your camera here because they are not going to allow photography inside, but leverage to take a walk around the grounds. Once completed your visit, take the path on the left that goes up towards the top. Remove the camera. Turn around and you can see the Bay that has dominated the Eastern Mediterranean for centuries.


Once has taken-off trigger finger (remember that even remaining more photos to) continue the ascent. You arrive at the Church by the back. The chapels of the Church and a centuries-old houses of incalculable value will welcome the architectural. Thick walls and porches for the protection of the Peregrine in the days of cold and rain. Next to the Church, a small jardin-cementerio.

Barrau Museum

We have even left space in memory for the Museo Barrau, a small and picturesque House at the foot of the Church, remind us of the work of the catalan painter Laureà Barrau, lover of the Ibiza lands. It is time to go down and find a terrace where you can relax.

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