Tourism in Sant Antoni Ibiza

Turismo Ibiza Sant Antoni

Whenever we talk about tourism Ibiza, Sant Antoni, and especially, it is characterized by the endless nights of March, the beach party and hangover the next day. All accompanied always by controversial English youth who has operating and campa at ease while all set aside the view to then not have to point out. But away from this environment, sometimes wild and always shameless, hides a thousand-year history that some have forgotten and others seem to not wanting to remember.
The Catalan conquest, this small fishing village has been the core of one of the quarters (or room) in which the island was divided. Although the history of this land, and the remains that have survived date back much, much further back.

Sa Cova des Vi

The cave paintings of Sa Cova des Vi historians trace their origins to the pre-Roman period according to. Restored at the end of the last century, they presented to the visitor various drawings like some marine ships.

Underground chapel of Santa Inés

The underground chapel of Santa Inés are a symbol for worship. Dated his discovery in Roman times, remains have been found Muslims in its interior. In the Middle Ages it became place of refuge against attacks from the Mediterranean. Today we find a small altar.

Molí de sa Punta

Molí de sa Punta presents the appearance of a giant oceanfront. Fully restored, this old flour mill retains the flavor of the ancient Ibiza, along with the wheel of the mill that allows to understand a little better its performance. A good photo will remind one of the most authentic elements of the island.

The Church of Sant Antoni

The Church of Sant Antoni is another key point that we must not miss. Located in the heart of the city centre, the Church-fortress preserved pirates attack the inhabitants of this enormous Bay. Its thick walls, its gates, which are the arches and the lack of exterior windows facilitated defense of the site.

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