Tourism in Portinatx Tower. Ibiza

Torre Portinatx

US approach to the coast north of Ibiza, in the area of Portinatx, to discover the Tower of Portinatx, a Tower of Defense of the century eighteen. These towers is distributed through all the costa Ibizan and formed part of a system of protection coastal against them attacks of the Corsairs Ottoman. They were sent to build by Carlos III, who fought the Barbary pirates that dominated the Mediterranean and arriving from Tunisia and Morocco to ravage the coasts and European ships.

How to reach torre of Portinatx.

We arrived at this tower after passing through Sant Joan and enjoy your church and your peace of mind. From here start to the North looking for the cala of Portinatx. Although it can be reached through the Cala Sant Vicent, we find the shortest crossing northward in the direction of cala Xarraca. Along the way we found a viewpoint on our left where we can begin to contemplate the beauty of the coast. That Yes. If they stop, take care to merge back to the road.

Following our route, we reach the Cala de Portinatx to realize that we have gone our way. However, we can already see the Tower in the distance. Is raised on an entry of the land to the sea. A point strategic from which is currency a large portion of coast. We’re back on our steps until you find a diversion that does not indicate the direction the Portinatx Tower, but also restaurants and hotel areas. As it is the only road in the area, we took it and we headed up to the foot of a dirt road. The road continues, but a fence prevents cross until the Tower. We walked a few hundred meters to find the remains of this building.

A tower as a symbol of tourism in Ibiza.

The appearance of truncated cone is typical of these constructions. On the ground floor, with some debris, we found the door of access to the powder keg. Next to it, somewhat more elevated, the entrance to the Tower. A curious cavity with form of tube of fireplace is elevated on the door. Since it high of the Tower, the visibility, and the line of fire is complete. In addition, a salient characteristic front of it allows to protect the Rifleman while firing. But now run times of peace, so from the door, find a visibility perfect on the beach of Portinatx.

This tower was never fitted with cannons. Its mission was relegated to the surveillance. Is can appreciate if walked a little more forward, without bring us too to the cliffs. Again the coast, up to the horizon, is to the view. The same that have had during centuries the lookouts of the Tower of Portinatx, an icon of the tourism in Ibiza

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