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To do in Seville car rental

Sevilla has much to offer. If you do a walk through its historic centre you will discover emblematic buildings to see, plazas and parks that seem to go beyond the reality. The Giralda, the Cathedral of Seville, the María Luisa Park or Murillo Gardens are a clear example. Some of these places have been immortalized in the cinema in films as fantastic as the Star Wars saga.

Now there is talk of the series game of thrones, which has chosen a place so emblematic as unknown: the ruins of Italica. It is a few kilometres from the city, in the town of Santiponce. Nothing that can not be exceeded with the best car hire in Sevilla.

Visiting Santiponce in Seville with car rental

Santiponce is located about ten kilometers by road from the city. You’ll find the ruins to the North of the town and they have no loss.

If you want to know more places to see in Seville just you have to check out our Seville section where you will find more articles of interest.


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