que ver en ibiza

To do in Ibiza

que ver en Ibiza

To do in Ibiza

Places to see in Ibiza

As holidays are short, we are going to have to do in Ibiza. There are many places to go so it is better that you have planned your trips before stepping on the island.

If you want to see cultural tourism in Ibiza

  • You can’t miss the walled enclosure of Dalt Vila, heritage of humanity. Travel well can take a full morning. Wear comfortable shoes and be willing to walk the streets that take you to the Cathedral. Churches and houses from the 18TH century will accompany on the rise. When you reach the main square, the archaeological museum is a must-see.
  • The churches of the island are another compulsory stop. Whitewashed and white, will be the place chosen by many famous for their weddings. When you see them you will discover why. Don’t miss the Church of Sant Joan.
  • The Ses Salines Natural Park is a unique ecosystem and another sign of the Ibizan heritage. If you come in spring you can see flamingos on the salt mines, a unique spectacle.

If you want to see panoramic spectacular

  • Coastal watchtowers were built during the 18TH century. Its mission was to communicate with each other in case of sighting an enemy ship. They were built at strategic points with great visibility and communicated with each other. Today its value is purely testimonial but in some landscape has not changed over the centuries. The visit to the Tower of the pirate, is Savinar Tower, with free access to the interior is mandatory.
  • From this tower, and the vast majority of the beaches to the West of the island, you can see the best Ibiza sunsets. They are really spectacular. You’ll need a rental car, it is mandatory to not miss the spectacle. Beaches like Cala Conta, Cala Tarida, Cala D’hort or Caló des Moro are points that you must dial in red on your calendar.
  • If you like the natural landscapes, the coast of the municipality of Sant Joan is unique. Thanks to the little urban development and the natural elevation of the terrain, spectacular and solitary coves dotted around every corner of this beautiful town.

If you want to enjoy beautiful and solitary coves

It begins along the beaches where the bus does not arrive.

  • Cala d’ Serra is a place as beautiful as isolated. While less towns find, fewer people will have to your around, and this is a good example.
  • If you like hiking, is Portixol is an incredible place where peace is breathed in every corner. Save forces for return and don’t forget to bring water.
  • Cala Mastella is unique. Its shallow and its secrets will arouse the curiosity of visitors. It carries shoes to enter the water and don’t forget your diving goggles.

On the island you’ll find a place suitable to your needs. We recommend that you pass by our Google Plus website and give a look at the images. If you have any questions about what to see in Ibiza, you don’t have more to leave us a comment.


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