Tips for going to Ibiza


If you plan to visit the isa, we give advice to go to Ibiza to make their holiday as and as you imagined them.

Our advice to go

1 secure your bags. Airport multiplied his visits in summer and the avalanche of travelers causes a tide of luggage which, in many cases, become when their owners are back.

2 service bus, and in particular, which passes through Beach d’ Bossa does not respect excess hours. If you want to get somewhere on time, comes out well in advance.

3 season in full swing, rents cars and motorcycles are saturated. Book your car in advance.

4. here zebra crossings are scrupulously, respected. It may sound weird, but in urban centers do not think that as your car is larger, people are going to stop. If he doesn’t soon end your holiday and leave with a bad taste in the mouth, follow the signs. It came to disconnect, not rushed.

5. do not leave anything of value in the room. Ibiza is not only a destination for tourists. In the majority of thefts, those involved tend to be clients of the hotel.

6. the housekeepers, responsible for the cleanliness of your room, are not servants. They usually carry twenty rooms which must be made within a period of three or four hours. Will not be by the work to entertain is to pick up your clothes or to order your belongings. Be tidy and clean, and do not leave anything on the ground that can sweep away easily. Although it is not mandatory, if it will be several days, please leave gratuity unless the first day. Thank you for your work, especially if you plan to return.

7 treat waiters politely. His work is usually seven days a week in summer, and its ability to endure will be diminished. Be patient and do not angry it. It is the person responsible for bring your food to the table.

8. If the party drags on until the wee hours, remember that residents and more than one tourist will be resting. Respect the hours of sleep.

9. use methods of prevention against sexual diseases. We just want to be carried of Ibiza a good memory and a souvenir.

10. respect the environment. My children will inherit this land, and perhaps yours also enjoy it.

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