el tiempo en las playas de ibiza

The time on the beaches of Ibiza


The time on the beaches of Ibiza

Whenever we are preparing to spend a day of beach in Ibiza the question we ask is the same what the weather will do in the beach? If you consider the dimensions of the island and we have beaches in the four cardinal points, hit need not be so difficult. We could calculate the State of the sea, the wind, the position of the moon… But it will be much easier if we access the official website of the Ministry of agriculture, food and environment. And so that you do not hit you the beating of search, are going to be easy.

The State of the sea by beaches

That said, the best advice that we can continue to reach a beach with waves or jellyfish, is crossing the island to reach a Cove opposite. For that we will have to have a rental car as the best option for transportation.

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