That led me to Ibiza

Llegar a Ibiza

What should take me?.

Not going to bring only a thong, because equal or uses it.

Ibiza is a small island but the time tends to contrast between the North and the South. In just 20 kilometers we went from mild temperatures to sudden changes. Warm nights where I have left the quilt.

If you come in winter please note that it is not very cold. When we see that the thermometer is close to three or four degrees we review it to see if the mercury is coming out. However it is very humid and you cala to the bone. A piece of plastic tends to be much more effective than any other material.

The summer is not to suffocate because although humidity remains high, the heat is more sticky than suffocating. Garments fine and some shelter if it cools at night.

Let the suit and jacket. They will think that it comes to steal or are some dangerous sect.

Shoes, the more comfortable. It seems impossible it can be to walk without hardly moving us site. Don’t wait for a wash and go in the dry cleaners. And much less in high season. Bring clothes according to the days having intended to visit us.

Sunglasses, for sensitive eyes. The reflection in the water blind to any, and what is walking along the beach also.

Towel and bathing suit. Do not use the hotel towels. Probably they will not let you remove it unless you pay it. If you are going to occupy much space, you can buy both items in the souvenirs throughout the island.

The sunscreen is essential, and if you plan to spend one day in Formentera, two boats. Here the touristy of the prawns are distinguished by the mustache. And by the number of legs also.

What clothes took me to Ibiza?

During the night, the jar of essences is uncovered in Ibiza. You will begin by uncovering the jar of the mosquito bites. As trucks hear.

A route with what you intend to do. Ibiza improvisation is very expensive. Adjust your travel budget and be cautious with the fine print. If you are looking for something economical distance of areas close to the beach.

Leave a gap free to bring any Adlib fashion garment. Not only you can hesitate shirt, skirt or pants, but is also one of the more chilly which you can use.

And finally, on the way back, not take ensaimada for relatives. More than anything because the ensaimada mallorquina. Typical Ibizan products are the herbs , aniseed drink that clings to the legs, the flaó and graixonera.

I’ve been to Ibiza -Soloibiza

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