Talamanca. Beaches of Ibiza.

So reads the title of our video dedicated to Talamancabeach. Have decided incorporate all the material graphic’s that have so can make a visit comfortable to them images of the beaches of Ibiza. To start nothing better that this beach, urban and natural at the same time. A mixture difficult to achieve and which has been made a pawn of special protection, thanks to the vicinity of the wetland of Ses Feixes.

Talamanca, the beach urban of the city of Ibiza

The first image corresponds to the beginning of the beach, right where it leaves the online circular that it starts from the Centre of Ibiza town. From here you can see all the beauty of the Bay. The umbrellas and sunbeds not could miss.

One of the aspects more typical of Talamanca beach is found in the wood road which runs along the entire beach and that leads to the other end of the Bay. It is a place frequented by tourists who stay in hotels in the area known as Sa Punta. But also find small hostels of aspect sailor almost a foot of beach.

The bars and bars of Talamanca have enough fame, not only by his views, also by its environment. They tend to be frequent places of meeting for all budgets.

In the section on activities, Talamanca beach presents an inexhaustible source of resources for the oco. The amplitude of its sand allows the practice of almost any sport.

Nor is a beach which by its currents require a special safety, but if the flies, the presence of life-saving equipment us gives a more reassuring air.

The conservation effort has managed to Talamanca beach to host a somewhat special lanterns. The hours of sunshine that provides the summer allow the presence of devices solar that minimize the impact ecological.

As we head into the water, the marks of protection to bathers can enjoy water sports. Yes, you heard well. Marks, even though they don’t look it, are to protect the most intrepid swimmers and avoid interaction with vehicles fitted with propellers. Be cautious and not to transfer them.

SA Punta de Talamanca

Already us approach to a place far less known but not for this less charming. Although it is somewhat away from the public, Talamanca beach ends at the well known Sa Punta. This area has a couple of sandy stretches that binds a jetty.

With a comfortable parking, the coast continues in a little high Rocky stretch allowing the fishing or the bathroom, always with caution. Of fund us is the breakwater of the port where we see some that another boat dock.

To part of some bars somewhat chic, the coast we book a couple of surprises. To start a hidden section where many shorebirds lie down to sunbathe naked, protected by the intimacy that they offer the small rocky corners. Finally the coast, a small cala which is only accessible by boat or swimming, completely unspoilt and waiting to be occupied.

Remember that can find more information of this Cove in our tab on the beach of Talamanca

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